Charlottesville: Who Was There: Alt-Right

Anonymous Charlottesville

Who Was Who in Charlottesville: Alt-Right. Charlottesville, Vir., N.D. [September 2017].

Cumulative List:

Identity Evropa
League of the South (LOS)
National Socialist Movement (NSM)
Nationalist Front (coalition of groups)
Rise Above Movement
Traditionalist Workers Party (TWP)
Vanguard America.

Oddly, despite constant claims in sloppy media reports that the KKK was present at the rally in force, there does not seem to be any evidence that the KKK was at the Unite the Right rally as an organized group, although reportedly there was one former member (David Duke?) and one present member in a Red outfit. The NYT even specifically notes that the KKK was not present. (

Notably every group identified as participating in the Unite the Right rally is anti-Trump.

(A) Fausset, Richard; Feueraug, Alan; Stolberg, Sheryl Gay; Spencer, Hawes; Blinder, Alan. Far-Right Groups Surge Into National View in Charlottesville”, in New York Times, August 13, 2017. … Though President Trump, in his comments, declined to single out the white supremacist movement, many mainstream conservatives were appalled. Senator John McCain called the white supremacists “traitors” on Twitter. The House speaker, Paul D. Ryan, called them “repugnant.” Together Cville, is an important, local “resistance group that formed shortly after the presidential election”, and works closely with Black Lives Matter. >NYT identifies: Identity Evropa, League of the South, Nationalist Front, Rise Above Movement (“a loose California collective” (?)), Vanguard America, but not KKK. The article cites the SPLC but the list does not come from the SPLC because they never identify more than two groups present in Charlottesville. >The NYT notes that “mainstream figures like the Harvard professor Cornel West” were present, without noting his affiliation with the Maoist Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP) or even noting the presence of the RCP at the counterprotest. The NYT failed to identify even one Alt-Left organization in Charlottesville, but does think that the Revolutionary Communist Party is mainstream. Moreover, the NYT seems to be the source for the unverified claim that the Alt-Right chanted: “Jews will not replace us”, but has no video of the chant. (

(B) Various Far-Right Extremist Groups Joined at Virginia Rally. US News & World Report, August 15, 2017: List of groups: Vanguard America; Identity Evropa; Traditionalist Workers Party; League of the South; National Socialist Movement. (

(C) SPLC research is apparently limited to searching the internet, and focuses on blogs and tweets: In this instance its reports are useless: (1) TWP, LOS; Kessler blogged about organziing Unity & Security for America (USA) but it is unclear that it has any members or that it still exists. [Kessler interview recorded before the Unite the Right rally (deleted from Google search results):] SPLC notes that any claim that cultural marxism exists is a conspiracy theory. SPLC states that it is racist to say Black Lives Matter is racist. (2) TWP, LOS. SPLC states that any belief that Soros has a role in anything is a conspiracy theory. (Soros has funded the SPLC.) (3) one associate (non-member?) of Proud Boys, and one Proud Boys. (4) Elsewhere: SPLC defines and denounces “Free Speech” as merely the “right of racists to speak in public”. ( (Vanguard America. James Fields, Jr., the death-driver was seen holding one of their shields in a photograph. WordPress immediately took down their blog: They have not tweeted since mid-August. Since the SPLC “research” was just reading blogs and tweets, the censorship of Vanguard America’s feeble online presence meant that by the time the SPLC looked, it was gone.)

Note: The Detroit Red Wings had to release a statement that the hockey team is not a Nazi organization after someone at Charlottesville carried their logo with a “Black Sun swastika” [?] photoshopped on to it. []