Charlottesville: Who Was There: Alt-Left

Anonymous Charlottesville

Who Was Who in Charlottesville: Alt-Left. Charlottesville, Vir., N.D. [September 2017].


Antifa militias: Various independent Antifa:;

Center for American Progress/Center for American Progress Action [John Podesta]:;

Democratic Socialists of America (DSA):;

International Socialist Organization (ISO):;

Industrial Workers of the World (IWW): (Heather Heyer was reportedly a member of the IWW);

National Committee of Solidarity statement:;

Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC): —;

Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement (RAM):;

Redneck Revolt (who were also carrying rifles in Phoenix last night): (Phoenix: — no flood actually);

Revcom: Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP):;

Socialist Alternative (SAlt):;

Socialist Action (SA) statement:;

Progressive Labor Party (PLP) statement:;

Workers World Party (WWP):

Overview: Progressive Change Campaign Committee, Standing Up for Social Justice [sic], Refuse Fascism, Black Lives Matter, and other George Soros-funded and controlled groups, as well as the violent anarchist Antifa. The counter-protest was also widely promoted by the Center for American Progress of John Podesta: [SHOWING Up for Racial Justice:]