Israel Calls DREAMers Infiltrators

Israel calls DREAMers … Infiltrators.
Israel’s Southern Border Fence 100% Effective in Preventing Illegals from Infiltrating., September 20, 2017.
Israel’s southern barrier proves 100% effective in preventing infiltration with a new report issued Sunday by the country’s Population and Immigration Authority showing that not a single person managed to get in the country illegally in the past 12 months. In 2015, 220 managed to infiltrate Israel’s border with Egypt and the year after only 18 were successful. Authorities say this year’s number is down to the fence the Jewish state built along the border with Egypt in recent years. Over the past 12 months, Israel deported 2,431 people who infiltrated the border illegally, including 2245 Eritreans and 186 Sudanese, the report said. […]
(Actually there are no DREAMers since the DREAM Act never passed. It was all just a cruel hoax.)