NYT Promotes Kathy Griffin: Dead Horse, Flogged

Tiffany Hsu

“Executive’s Sexist Rant at Kathy Griffin Prompts a Backlash”, in New York Times, September 20, 2017. p. B4.

[Summary] The New York Times continues its crude campaign to rehabilitate the vicious comedienne Kathy Griffin, who posed with the bloody head of an assassinated Pres. Trump. The NYT observes she apologized, [but barely]. Recently, Griffin tried to win sympathy by shaving her head in a publicity stunt because her sister had cancer.

The new reason people should like Griffin, is she had a dispute with her neighbor. Griffin constantly complains about her neighbors and often calls the police on her neighbor, KB Home CEO Jeffrey Mezger. Saturday night she called the police, again, on a party for Mezger’s grandchildren. Mezger and Griffin became embroiled in a shouting match: He insulted her and raised the question of her glorifying the beheading of Pres. Trump. What she said is unreported. Suggesting possible entrapment, the entire episode was carefully captured by Griffin’s surveillance system.

The backlash referred to by the NYT was a denunciation of Mezger by Suzie Orman. who called for a boycott of KB Homes. [Orman used to be a financial infotainment celebrity on PBS: She led millions who followed her into financial disaster at the time of the Sub-Prime meltdown.] That is not so much a backlash as an indication that no one really cares about the vile Griffin anymore.

Mezger apologized but pointed out that Griffin had edited the video record and there was a long history of hostility by Griffin. He noted Griffin had called the police or security against him and his family at least ten times. Griffin did not apologize and obviously hopes to use this incident to restore her broken career since she is now pretending to be the big victim.

Includes a smiling photo of Kathy griffin and a scowling photo of Jeffrey Mezger.

The New York Times is descipable fake news.