NFL Superheroes?

So, the latest round of football black lives matter began with the takedown of some brain-damaged Seahawk named Bennett. This guy, who is supposed to be one of the fastest strongest guys on Earth, and who gets $20 million for being so super, broke and ran from a casino after police were called about a guy with a gun (no guy turned up). Running as fast as he could, Bennett was run down and tackled and effortlessly handcuffed as he struggled to break free by two middle aged pot-bellied cops.

Maybe they’re the superheroes, eh?

I only mention that because Pres. Donald J. Trump is a genius. He has selected the field of battle with mass media. Starting with Bennett hoax claims of a hate crime by those police, which then was amplified into a hate America campaign, Trump has appealed directly to the patriotism of the football fans. So far this year, attendance in the first games was down 10%, and in the last couple of games down 15%, and that was before Trump took them on. Sports media analysts observe that a 10% decline in attendance will cost NBC, ESPN and Fox $200 million in revenue.

So, the mass media (today’s NYT has a full page of color photos of the football brain-damaged hate-heroes) must double down, with each new initiative cutting deeper into their revenue. The strategy of the mass media is to attack their own fans and their own revenue.

Pres. Donald J. Trump is a total genius.

And those football superheroes? Fire them all.


Kaepernick’s girlfriend, who radicalized him, is Egyptian Muslim.

Football as the icon of Multiculturalism: At the day’s first football game, at Wembley Stadium, in London, twenty-seven players from the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Baltimore Ravens dropped down and took a knee on the field as “The Star-Spangled Banner” began to swell. According to the Guardian, “there did not appear to be any white players taking a knee.”

Another jock speaks out:

Alejandro Villenueva is the most popular player in the NFL now for standing up for freedom and refusing to disgrace the anthem. Tom Brady destroyed his previous sterling reputation, and the Steelers Quarterback is now ashamed:

ALSO, the Dallas Cowboys players were not allowed to acknowledge the Black Lives Massacre of Dallas police:

Alejandro Villanueva:

Spoiled Brat:

Mike Rowe:

NFL Hates America:

Also the NFL wants our sons to look up to the thugs, convicts and bums they employ at taxpayer expense. Like the ones who rape and beat women:

NFL Rape Jihad:

Finally, today (Sept 25) Seahawks player Doug Baldwin told CNN that President Trump, is “normalizing hate”, that Trump is “spewing hate”. Someone certainly is.