Internet: Amazon Censorship

It turns out that there is a fine line between being a book seller and a book burner these days.

Amazon Removed 900+ Reviews of Hillary Clinton’s New Book, NKT Network, September 15, 2017. ( Amazon removed 900 poor reviews of Hillary’s new book What Happened. Of course, anyone who read the book (or as much as they could stand before giving up) understands why there are a lot of bad reviews. It could be worse, Amazon did suppress 100 or so “Revisionist” books on World War 2, some of which were actually about World War 1.

Of course, it is not like Amazon and its minion, the Washington Post, simply suppress the news on ideological grounds. of course, they do, but Amazon also suppresses news about its own corporate crime. (Drudge Mocks Bezos, WaPo For Refusing To Cover Amazon Tax Dodge Fine; Conservative Icon Regularly Points Out Amazon/WaPo Coordination., October 4, 2017. Perhaps a $300 million fine for Amazon for tax evasion in the EU is not news.

Still, violence is speech, and in the interest of Free Speech, Amazon will sell you the ANTIFA gear you need for riots:  — (which oddly mixes in a Free Palestine Totebag)

…also your Avoz battalion gear for civil war:

Notably, censorship advocate Google supports Azov Battalion marketing (that is, does not suppress search results) and sells the products.