NYT: Global Warming Is Over

Thomas L. Friedman

“Our EPA Chief Is a Fraud”, in Seattle Times, September 14, 2017. p. A15.

[summary] (New York Times) Preparing for an unlikely attack by North Korea, Trump is willing to spend billions, but when it comes to a certain crisis, climate change, Trump wants to spend nothing. We have a complete understanding of climate change and the problems it poses.

“Oil industry shill” Scott Pruitt is “masquerading as the head of the EPA”. “Fraud” Pruitt hates science. Even if there is no global warming, every penny spent on it will create a better world. And we will be able to hurt the [Arab and Iranian] “petro-dictators”. Trump needs to fire Pruitt. The Trump-Pruitt Doctrine will be known as “Trump’s Folly”.

Abruptly, in the middle of the article (a part of boring articles most people skip), an article denouncing any skepticism of climate change/global waring, Friedman suddenly notes: “That is why I prefer the term “global weirding” over “global warming”, because there is climate change that is not so much warming as “weird[ness]”.


So, “Global Warming” is over now? Very tricky to hide it in the middle of a boring article by one of the least honest “journalists” at the decrepit New York Times.