Poetry: To The Washington State Poet Laureate

Tod Marshall, Washington State Poet Laureate:

“Let’s All Take a Knee To Stand For Justice and Return of Decency”, in Seattle Times, September 27, 2017. p. A13.

[summary]  Pres. Trump supports Neo-Nazis and slanders the nobility of “vulnerable” NFL stars who protest brutal White racism. Now the president openly attacks innocent Black athletes. The president supports relentless abuses of African-Americans. Accordingly: “We must have this open and honest conversation about race.” — “We cannot accept this as normal.”

Trump even questioned the honor of Sen. John McCain: Trump has no honor. The president has rejected the important poem by Emma Lazarus on the Statue of Liberty about how we must never turn any any immigrant and wants nuclear war against innocent North Korea. Trump is a “morally reprehensible … fascist” and nationalist who rejects every truth and even angers Holocaust Survivors.  We should all drop to our knees against Trump’s racial hatred. 

(Marshall is the 2016-2018 Washington Poet Laureate.)

On Being Poet Laureate
Being poet laureate is sweeter than honey,
I can rave like a drunk and still get my money.