Harvey Weinstein Political Campaign Contributions

Harvey Weinstein Political Campaign Contributions: Election Cycle 1999-2000 to 2015-2016: Who Got the Money. Campaign Money, 2017.

(Source: https://www.campaignmoney.com/finance.asp?type=in&cycle=16&criteria=Weinstein&fname=HARVEY seq.)

This list does not include bundling (Weinstein reportedly bundled a total of $3.1 million for Obama on two occasions) or Legal Defense Funds (Weinstein gave generously to a Bill Clinton fund, possibly when he was defending himself against true accusations arising from his concubine, Monica Lewinsky).

Bishop, Tim
Blumenthal, Richard
Booker, Cory
Bowles, Erskine
Casey, Bob
Clark [?]
Clinton, Hillary
Clooney, Nick
Daschle, Tom
Dean, Howard
Dodd, Christopher
Edwards, John
Emanuel, Rahm
Farrell, Diane
Feingold, Russell
Franken, Al
Gephardt, Dick
Gillibrand, Kirsten
Kerrey, J. Robert
Kerry, John
Lamont, Ned
Leahy, Patrick
Obama, Barack
Reid, Harry
Schumer, Charles
Sestak, Joe
Throne-Holst, Anna
Torrecelli, Robert
Warren, Elizabeth
Whitehorse, Sheldon
Yassky, David


As well as permanent organizations (as opposed to campaign committees):

Democratic National Committee [Democratic National Committee received at least $500000 from Weinstein, and will transfer only $30000 to allied campaign committees: mainly Emilys List, which backs pro-abortion candidates.]

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC)

Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC)

DNC Service Corporation

Democratic Party Of Wisconsin

Pennsylvania Democratic Party


Clinton Foundation: $100,000-250,000