Seattle Times: A Newspaper In Name Only

The Seattle Times won high honors from the Online News Association for the 2016 “Under Our Skin” [UOS] project. Uos created a “conversation” about White racism, White privilege, diversity and microaggressions, in the context of promoting the narratives of White police shooting Black men, the Black Lives Matter movements and [ANTIFA] protests on college campuses. The UOS project won 10 other awards, too, including: the National Association of Black Journalists’ Online Project-Digital media; the 2017 RTDNA Kaleidoscope Award; a silver award from the Society for News Design; and an Asian American Journalists Association leadership in Diversity Award. [“Seattle Times Wins Online Journalism Award For ‘Under Our Skin'”, in Seattle Times, October 9, 2017. p. B4.]

Each and all of these awards discredit the newspaper as an honest rapporteur.

Then, in an editorial, the Seattle Times turns to the defense of ANTIFA street thugs having the First Amendment right to wear face masks. [Editorial: “Mask Bill Is an Attack on First Amendment”, in Seattle Times, May 24, 2017. p. A17.]

Like much of the mass media, the owner/editors of the Seattle Times don’t even remember what a newspaper is supposed to do. So they are reduced to cheerleaders for the thugs in the street. And secretly selling off real estate across the city to cover the growing losses of newspaper fewer and fewer continue to read.