Here is a very long excerpt from a feminist document from the interesting Womens Liberation Radio News. It covers the Trans assault on “Ciswomen” (that is actual women), who is funding it (Soros, Gates, Pritzkers), and so much more: transhumans, sexbots, transracials, trans midwives, prostitution, chimpanzee rights, defending Muslim girls in America from forced child marriage, and the end of civil rights. And the Womens Liberation Front (WoLF) fight for women’s batheroom privacy rights (a case that became moot when the Sessions Jusice Department dropped the Obama era demands for men in women’s bathrooms) and the fight for men’s privacy rights (WoLF was the only women’s organization to defend the right of boys to privacy from trans girls).

Hardcore, wideranging and interesting.

WLRN Edition 16 Transcript: Episode 16: Money Behind the Transgender Movement and Impact on Lesbians.

Transcribed by Natasha Y. B.

Sekhmet She OWL: Greetings, and welcome to the 16th edition podcast of Women’s Liberation Radio News. The team at WLRN produces a monthly radio broadcast to break the sound barrier women are blocked by under the status quo rule of men. This blocking of women’s discourse we see in all sectors of society, be they conservative, liberal, mainstream, progressive, or radical. The thread that runs through all of American politics is male dominance and entitlement in all spheres. This is Sekhmet She Owl.

Today’s podcast is about the impact of the transgender movement on the lesbian community, and the money behind the medicalized trans industry. WLRN was inspired to explore these topics after learning of the Left Forum Panel discussion scheduled to take place in New York City this past May, that was cancelled due to backlash from trans activists. We will hear from two of the main panelists, Jane Chotard and Taylor Fogarty, as well as feminist activist Mary Lou Singleton, who was ready to speak as a back-up panelist.

WLRN is proud to give these women a platform in light of Left Forum silencing them. Nile Pierce provides her commentary on the wealthy men at the head of our patriarchal society funding the trans movement via the pharmaceutical, medical, and non-profit industries.

But first, here are the WLRN headlines for this Thursday, August 3, 2017, as prepared and read by Jenna Di Quarto. >Jenna Di QUARTO: WoLF’s complaint in the case of the Women’s Liberation Front vs. the United States, a landmark case that argued for the right of girls and women to bodily privacy, was dismissed without objection from WoLF because the current US administration withdrew the Obama administration’s redefinition of sex to mean gender identity for Title IX purposes.

The Supreme Court granted certiorari in the Glouchester vs GG case, where a girl who “identifies as a trans boy” is demanding access to the boys’ restroom, and several boys have complained that her use of the boy’s restroom violates their right to privacy. WoLF filed a friend of the court brief in favor of granting certain that case, as well as an amicus brief on its merits, filed jointly with the Family Policy Alliance. However, after the administration withdrew the previous administration’s redefinition of sex to mean gender identity, the Supreme Court sent the case back to the fourth circuit for additional argument. Oral arguments in that case are scheduled for September 12th, 2017.

WoLF’s friend of the court briefs are part of the formal court record, and are available for consideration by the fourth circuit. The Women’s Liberation Front is the only Women’s Organization involved in the ongoing legal battles regarding gender identity that is specifically standing up for the rights of women and girls. To donate to the legal fund for these historic landmark cases, visit

Thistle Pettersen is moving forward with lawyer Michael Anderson, of Axley Law Firm in Madison Wisconsin to file a defamation lawsuit against the Wisconsin Network For Peace and Justice. WNPJ published a defaming statement about Ms. Pettersen on February 3rd of this year. Since the statement’s publication, Ms. Pettersen has had three scheduled performances cancelled due to trans activists’ complaints to local venues regarding Ms. Pettersen’s opinion of transgender politics, and suffered attacks on her employment due to campaigns to get her fired. To learn more about this lawsuit, and to contribute to the cause, please visit Thistle’s GoFundMe Page, listed under ‘Support Women’s Rights and Free Speech.’

On July 26th Donald Trump announced via a series of tweets that the US military would no longer allow transgender persons to serve “in any capacity.” Trump claims to have consulted with military personnel regarding the ban, but reports have indicated that the Pentagon was not prepared to issue such a mandate. Requests for clarification have been redirected to the White House, where they remain unanswered. At the White House’s daily press briefing, held later that day, press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders stated that the decision had been made following discussions with the administration’s national security team in the best interests of the military and “unit cohesion.” […]

Tahirih Justice Center, a group that advocates for immigrant women and girls, helped draft both bills. These developments are in stark contrast with similar legislative attempts to outlaw child marriage in New Jersey, where in May Governor Chris Christie vetoed a bill that would have blocked child marriages, citing religious freedom as the sticking point. Child marriage bills in New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Maryland are having a hard time getting traction, as those opposed feel that parental consent should be enough for minors to wed. In an op-ed to the Washington Post in February, Fraidy Reiss, founder of Unchained at Last and herself a child bride, is quoted saying “In my experience, parents who marry off their minor children often are motivated by cultural or religious traditions, a desire to control their child’s behavior or sexuality, money, a bride price or dowry, or immigration related reasons, for instance when a child sponsors a foreign spouse.” […]

And-and if you really start to look at the Pritzker family, this family is influencing so much, um, in our culture right now. The, um, the Pritzker family was the primary financial backing of-of Barack Obama, they found him when he was still a-a grassroots activist, um, they turned him into a US Senator, they got him the spot, um, giving the speech at John Kerry’s nomination. I-I think that when people were watching that, during the, the Kerry Bush election, watching the convention it was pretty clear Kerry was going to lose and Obama was going to be the next big thing. The Pritzker family put a ton of money into creating Barack Obama as-as the President, and, you know the President of the United States serves the Empire, the head of the Empire, and this is a Capitalist Imperial family. Um, Penny Pritzker was Obama’s first Commerce Secretary. The Pritzker family had enormous influence over the Obama administration. And, I feel like, you know, money talks, and the people who-who fund, um, our-our government are the people running our government. So the Pritzker family is one to look at, especially James Jennifer Pritzker. He also, um, he has a foundation called the Tawani Foundation, and that funds the Palm Center, which is the organization that promotes transgenderism in the military and has done all these studies and policy briefs and, you know, billion dollar, um, activism, if you want to call it that, on behalf of this wealthy man’s agenda. Um, and then how this trickles down, you know, so, one- there’s-there’s also Jon Stryker. Um. He is the heir to the Stryker Corporation, and the Stryker Corporations’ multibillion dollar business is very fascinating that they make artificial body parts. […]

SINGLETON: Where, I can see a connection between medicalizing gender and making artificial body parts. There-there they are the cutting edge of 3D printing of organs, making um robotic prosthetics, that’s the Stryker Corporation. Billions and billions of dollars. Jon Stryker is the heir of that, and his money goes into the Arcus Foundation. It’s a very interesting billion dollar foundation, um, that the two prongs, the two prongs of activism that Jon Stryker is interested in are – great ape preservation and LGBT, primarily trans promotion. Stryker foundation gave a fifty million dollar grant to promote transgenderism worldwide, and in non-western countries fifty million dollars will buy you a lot of… prosthetic, um, penis customers, you know? Um, fifty-fifty million dollars is a lot of money in the non-profit world. So they’re promoting transgenderism outside of the western Anglo world, um, and also, uh, the Stryker foundation Arcus funds this group called the Pipeline Project. The Pipeline Project is to train LGBT people of color under the age of thirty as leaders to then go place in other organizations on the left. And how this has worked in-in my world is, um, there’s a woman named Andrea Lucero who is a Latina birth activist, and um I think she’s a lesbian- I don’t know what she calls herself now but she has a female partner, and I think they, she may call herself a man now or they’re non binary or something. She’s a- she’s a woman who’s given birth, she’s interested in home birth, she is a lawyer and she worked in a very high paying position at the Palm Institute which is, again, funded by Pritzker to promote transgenderism in the military, that was her job. She did a very good job at it, and she then got a pipeline fellowship through Jon Stryker’s family’s Arcus Foundation Pipeline Project. And from there she then became the executive council of the Midwives Alliance of North America and pushed through the erasure of the words ‘woman’ and ‘mother’ from all the language of birth in the midwifery world.

SHE OWL: So I knew about Pritzker and Stryker. Stryker, I believe, is actually a gay man. Um-

SINGLETON: Oh is he?

SHE OWL: I think he is, yeah. I’m pretty sure that I read that somewhere. That, to me, speaks to the fact that especially for gay men, um, who are very different from lesbians. Ultimately, you know, if you have money, you will put money above community. Despite the fact that Stryker himself is not trans, and, you know, you would think that maybe he would care about the ramifications of the trans movement on the gay community. I mean at the end of the day he’s just a rich guy who is interested in making as much money as he possibly can. So, I mean I guess this question probably sort of answers itself, but, you know, why do you think, and I mean the two men you mentioned, those are only a couple out of a handful, and I believe Soros now is actually investing in the trans movement too.

SINGLETON: And he’s – he also is funding a lot of the um, the promotion of prostitution on the left. And, which is so interesting because you can’t have prostitution without gender, gender is the behavioral system that enforces male supremacy. So yeah, so Soros has put a ton of money into it, uh. Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, um these guys who- all the money on the left comes through these men. If you get any grant funding on the left, at some point it’s coming through one of these guys, and they’re enforcing that all the grants come with the strings that you have to get on board with the gender agenda. That you have to change your language, that you have to promote genderism, that you have to, um, erase women from the language of reproduction. And it’s-it’s really a lesson in people stepping back and understanding, like, the revolution will not be funded by a generous grant from the Gates Foundation. These-these men are controlling what gets done in the world of activism. […]

SINGLETON: I don’t think we can separate the two. Um I-I think there are a lot of patriarchal capitalist, um, aims served by promoting gender as real and biological sex not as real. We haven’t even talked yet about Martine Rothblatt, who is the CEO of a pharmaceutical company who calls himself a woman, is-is married to a woman named Bina but he also has a robot wife also named Bina. And his agenda is transhumanism, and that’s when things start getting really weird, when you think about, like, these men are very invested in tech, and very invested in um, you know, this-this cyborg reality of-of merging people with technology. Um, and-well-you know- I encourage people to really look this up, and look up the words of Martine Rothblatt, because if-if I say them people will think I’m-I’m a crazy tin-foil hat conspiracist, because it’s so far out there that he’s-he’s on record of saying, his agenda is we’re-we’re eventually going to live forever by uploading our consciousness into the internet, and that, um, sentient artificial intelligent organisms are-are human. That he-you know, he’s going for personhood for machines, and that’s really interesting, and that the first step towards that, where there’s a ton of money in that kind of tech, um, the first step towards that, of you know, are machines human is to completely untether people from their biology. Like, if we can’t define what a woman is, how can we define what a human is. So that’s one agenda, is this transhumanist agenda. Um, there’s the population control agenda that, people really need to talk about this. Like, I- it was explained to me um by one of my mentors Carol Downer who was-was one of the, um, uh, reproductive sovereignty activists, who, one of the women who invented menstrual extraction, very, you know, spent her whole life fighting for reproductive sovereignty, and very aware of the population control agenda of the liberal ruling class. And she explained that this, you know, you don’t have agreement in the ruling class about what the best way to manage the population is. And you’ve got the, these liberal men in our generation that’s like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, George Soros, and they wanna, they have an understanding of-of the environment, and the ecological crisis, and they want to decrease the population. Um, and you see that. Gates pours a ton of money into birth control, um, birth control devices that women don’t have control over themselves, like implants and things like that, um, none of these men are interested in abortion on demand and without apology or true-true sovereignty for women. But they’re interested in birth control. And then on the right, you have these men like-like the Koch Brothers who have this huge desperate population where people will work for five cents an hour, where it’s really easy to control desperate hungry people and get them to do what you want like fight in your wars, and work in your factories, and be poisoned by chemicals and not complain because otherwise your kids will starve. […]

And at the same time, materially oppressed people are losing ground at-at at just an incredibly rapid rate. Um, all of the people capitalism has always ex-exploited, all of the people that have been materially oppressed since the beginning of the United States, um African Americans, Native Americans, recent immigrants, women, all of those people who are being mined for resources on the material plane are losing their rights. And this is a big distraction from what oppression really is. We’re-we’re seeing, like, oh oppression means people don’t like you, oppression means people don’t-don’t agree with your version of reality, oppression means disagreement. Versus oppression means you know, the government’s taken back the lands that they told you in the crappy treaty were yours, but now that they’ve found copper on it you’re losing it now, you know, indigenous people are losing rights everywhere. We, you know, this-this the continual, brutal state crackdown on the black community, the-the violence that’s happening towards people of color, the hatred towards recent immigrants and the erosion of reproductive freedom for women are happening at – very terrifying speed. And this is a distraction from that.

So, the ruling class is benefiting from that. Um, [inaudible] explains to me that how transgenderism is being used to destroy, um, destroy civil rights in general. Um, that all of civil rights law in the United States, whether it’s sex-based protections or race-based protections, are built on the legal concept of an immutable trait. Something you cannot change about yourself. And now that we’re destroying that with sex-based protections and saying actually people can change their sex, that destroys this legal concept of an immutable trait. And we’re seeing growing, you know, little blips of trans racialism popping up. Um, Rachel Dolezal is the highest profile example of that, but you’re seeing more, like, oh this man is a trans Korean and he got all this plastic surgery or this woman’s turning herself into – this white woman is turning herself into a black woman. We’re starting to see little blips of that in the media, and trans racialism right now is where transgenderism was culturally in the 1990’s. So you know, it’s very, um, helpful to the ruling class to destroy civil rights protections and make oppression um a-a commodity people can purchase rather than something, you know, that’s happening to a specific class of people based on something that group of people can’t change about themselves. […]