Achievement Gap Fixed the Easy Way

In Washington State, every public education institution bends every effort to advance non-White students. Many school districts learned long ago that the easiest way to erase the gap is to harm the education of White students.

Here is on success story from the Franklin Pierce School District, south of Tacoma, Washington.

Table: “All Groups In Franklin Pierce [F-P] Beat State in Graduation Rates: Traditionally Struggling Students Now Excel; While Poverty Climbed, District Pushed Students to Graduate”, in Seattle Times, March 28, 2017. p. B4.

All students: statewide rate: 79.1%; F-P rate: 85.2%.
American-Indians: statewide rate: 60.6%; F-P rate: 75.0%.
Asians: statewide rate: 88.6%; F-P rate: 90.7%.
Pacific Islanders: statewide rate: 68.2%; F-P rate: 82.9%.
Blacks: statewide rate: 70.7%; F-P rate: 92.6%.
Hispanics: statewide rate: 72.3%; F-P rate: 92.2%.
Whites: statewide rate: 81.5%; F-P rate: 80.0%.
Mixed race: statewide rate: 77.9%; F-P rate: 80.8%.
Special education: statewide rate: 58.1%; F-P rate: 62.9%.
Bilingual: statewide rate: 57.6%; F-P rate: 73.1%.
Low income: statewide rate: 68.0%; F-P rate: 83.4%.

Source: Franklin Pierce School District.


Note that Every group now excels except Whites; Whites are inferior to every other major group; only Whites fail to match statewide rates of graduation. Note that the headline is wrong: NOT “all groups” excel, since Whites fail.