Rose McGowen, Weinstein and the Israeli Government

One of Harvey Weinstein’s hundred or so accusers, Rose McGowan, was harassed by Israeli intelligence operatives at the order of Harvey Weinstein and former Israeli PM Ehud Barak.

Former Israeli PM Ehud Barak and Harvey Weinstein:

At least some of the Israeli intelligence agents work for a private intelligence entity called Black Cube. It is worth adding that after McGowan’s accusations against Weinstein, Twitter sided with Weinstein and censored her:

And, odd to relate, back in 2013, Israeli Hollywood producer Arnon Milchan revealed he had been an Israeli intelligence officer. To show his good faith he listed the top celebrities he worked with in Hollywood: two of the six are known pedophiles:


Mark Maremont

“Weinstein Operative Played Another Role; Woman Said to Have Worked Undercover For Film Mogul Also Dogged An Insurer’s Critic”, in Wall Street Journal, November 9, 2017. p[. B1, B2.

[summary] “Diana Filip”, an Israeli undercover agent employed by Black Cube, who spied on Rose McGowan when she reported Harvey Weinstein raped her, is the same person as “Diana Ilic” who had spied on a critic of insurer AmTrust Financial Services Inc., The New Yorker reports. AmTrust admits it hired Black Cube to spy on a former Italian business partner but denies using spies against domestic critics. Diana Filip posed as a sympathetic British women’s rights activist when she interviewed McGowan and then secretly taped the discussions.

A New Yorker journalist, Ben Wallace, also reported that the same woman, then calling herself “Anna”, pumped him for information about a 2016 article about Weinstein’s accusers. New Yorker published a copy of a contract between Black Cube and one of Weinstein’s lawyers, naming “Anna” as one of its operatives on the case. Anna claimed to be a disgruntled former mistress of Weinstein’s, and on their second meeting tried to lure Wallace into a compromising situation, begginning with lots of alcohol. He demurred.

Chris Irons, an analyst with GeoInvesting LLC, had a similar experience with “Diana Ilic”, who plied with with alcohol at a meeting and pumped him for information on AmVest. In that meeting she claimed her accent was due to her being Croatian. When Irons left the meeting, he was told by his boss that he too had such an alcohol soaked meeting with a man who claimed to be from France and pumped him for information on Amvest. Two other critics of AmVest reported similar meetings to the Wall Street Journal.

Black Cube says it never discusses its clients and “applies high moral standards to its work, and that it operates within the law. Started in 2011, Black Cube describes itself as a select group of Israeli military and intelligence veterans.

The email address “Diana Ilic” used was at a domain name established only a few days earlier that the meeeting with Irons. The London address for her consulting firm in a mailbox drop. Calls and emails were not answered. (Includes photograph of “Diana Ilic” arriving for a meeting.)