ANTIFA and the Berkeley City Council

Very Fake News

Police Chief Stands Up to Antifa at Berkeley City Council Meeting – Episode 2. Youtube, December 26, 2017.

Battle of Berkeley #ANTIFA Demand PEPPER Spray Banned at Berkeley City Council Meeting. Berkeley Police Chief Andrew Greenwood calls out Antifa Anarchist Extremists. Mayor of Berkeley is Jesse Arreguin.

[Notes: M80s thrown at police; hundreds of masked extremists attack peaceful events; police confiscate IEDs; truckloads of weapons brought in by ANTIFA; highly organized ANTIFA swarmed and attacked peaceful individuals; chemical irritants used by ANTIFA extremists; next step many be heavily armed ANTIFA committing political murder on a large scale, confronting police who are more poorly armed; ANTIFA tries to shout down his testimony, accuses City Council of being Nazis, denouncing White Supremacists; Holocaust survivor calls Trump a fascist and says fascists must have no rights: fascists have no right to free speech; police are mean to Black Lives Matter; Berkeley Copwatch leader says ANTIFA is providing public safety that the police refuse to provide; another Holocaust survivor, National Lawyers Guild-Berkeley leader (she was on the truck loaded with weapons), claims free speech is only anti-Nazi speech, and Nazis have no rights and must be crushed; one person states Free Speech is a pretext for fascism, carrying the cross, and calls the city council Judenrat]

0:00 – 7:01 Police Chief speech.

7:15 Public Comments