Syrian Refugees Flee From Lawless Sweden

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Now Even Refugees Are Afraid In Sweden: Want To Leave Malmo In Droves; Syrian Refugees Flees Lawless Malmo to Safer Syria.

Voice of Europe 11 January 2018

The Swedish city of Malmo has a lot of ingredients that a successful city should have. It has a wonderful city centre, colourful architecture and it is located at a beautiful spot. But since a few decades, things have changed in the city. The number of shootings has gone up, there were several explosions and the city became known for a series of gang rapes last year.
Swedish journalist Joakim Lamotte talked to several migrants and a refugee worker in the city. A migrant from Greece, who has lived for 55 years in Malmö said: “The situation has never been like this, it used to be safe outside at any time of the day. In the last ten years, the population has been exchanged and and with it the a new high crime rate. If you address this problem you are called a racist, even if you are an immigrant yourself.”

Lamotte also talked with a refugee worker. She said that her clients don’t want to stay in Malmo because “the city feels too unsafe for them”. Many refugees told her that “they came from Syria to live [stay alive]  and in Malmo they have the feeling they could die soon”. They are also worried about the safety of their children, says the refugee worker.

One refugee was attacked in a Malmo cinema with a knife. He then returned all his Swedish ID cards and said: “You can keep them!” He then “fled” to Syria.


An immigrant from South America thinks the lack integration of immigrants is a cause for the city’s high crime rate. He is seriously considering moving with his four children to another city. >Another resident of Malmo sees a connection between violence against women and the image of women in Islam. She is a teacher and says Islamisation is indeed taking place: More girls wear a hijab and more students prefer [assimilate into] the Islamic culture to prevent being attacked.