New York Times Sneers At Microaggressions

Microaggressions are the tiniest of racial slurs, so tiny that they are generally invisible to the casual or even hyper-sensitive observer, since they are also subjective. The New York Times, of course, rides the waves of microaggressions to find new racisms and racists every day, in every way, and especially in the daily race denunciations of the Arts section.

The New York Times has repeatedly asserted that anyone who doubts that microaggressions are real is a racist.

So imagine my surprise to find the “Science” section engaging in sniggering Microaggression Denial.

On January 20, 2018, on page D2, was a news blip: Karen Weintraub. “Microaggressions: Elephants Are Scared of Bees; That Could Save Lives”, in New York Times, January 30, 2018. p. D2. This short article about how elephants are afraid of bees, dismissively and contemptuously sneers at the concept of microaggressions.

We all know the concept of microaggressions was invented because there are no macroaggressions to report on and the Fake News feeds on fake hate in order to advance all its political agendas. So while the New York Times obsessively attacks the idea that the United States should have borders as racist, it barely mentioned (and never characterized as racist) the Israeli practice of secretly injecting Ethiopian Jewish women immigrants with Depo-Provera to chemically sterilize them, so White Jews could have the labor of Black Jews, but the Black Jews would die out without children.


Fake Hate is Fake News is Fake Hate.