How Many March For Our Lives Protests? 600 or 800? And When Was the Count made?

Here are two documents from today’s Anti-Bill of Rights March: 

The first is from the Democratic National Committee. It counts 800 protests by 4:43 am EST, that is, their count was completed approx. 5 hours before the first protests began on the East Coast. (Press Release: Democratic National Committee and Gabby Giffords at March 24, 2018 at 7:43:22 AM PDT)

The second is from George Soros’ MoveOn. It claims 600 marches but again counts them before they happened. It cities news stories on the marches, some written before the marches took place, and a New York Times article that cites a Soros website of planned marches. (Press release:, We marched. What’s next?, March 24, 2018 at 11:12:38 AM PDT — [Note: 8:12 EST]

Both press releases celebrating the 600 or 800 marches were released before the first marches began.

That Soros map site  does not provide a list of marches, but instead buttons for each one on a base map. Looking at Western Washington: it shows 18 planned marches: Aberdeen, Bellingham, Blaine, Eastsound, Everett, Federal Way, Friday Harbor, Kingston, Langley, Longview, Mount Vernon, North Bend, Olympia, Seattle, Silverdale, Tacoma, Vancouver, Vashon Island. Of these 18 planned protests, pro-rally KIRO-TV (Seattle) reported that only 4 took place: Seattle (“thousands”, many Pussyhats), Tacoma (300), Marysville (50) and North Bend (50). Note that Marysville had a recent, lethal school shooting and still only had about 50 people.

Of course, of the 18 planned protests in western Washington most were never planned at all, but were created by a mere expression of interest by someone, anyone one time on the Internet on some Soros website. In this crazy-Left state, more than 75% of the planned protests were fictitious. Like the 600 rallies of the March For Science, led by the AAAS and climate-guru Bill Nye the Gender Spectrum Guy, a similar percentage were imaginary. In Washington State, for example, one planned protest that appears on the Soros map site was at White Salmon, Washington, a tiny town in Klickitat County: Of course, it never happened. In Science magazine, AAAS was reduced to hyping a one man protest on a remote Alaskan island. (In just a few states I quickly found 40 fictitious protests, about 75% of those I looked at, and almost every rally called a March for Science rally was probably really an Earth Day rally, held on the same day. It was the smallest Earth Day turnount on record.)

When there is no list of rallies on the Soros map website, it is only because they are hiding something. When there is no rally by rally summary, it is because few were held. And most were tiny. Of the 18 “planned” protests in Washington, only two were larger than 50. (about 10%) I suspect that nationwide that is probably the case.

Fictitious protests, precounts, phony counts, mass media hype. the Only numbers that count are at the polls in November. The race is on.

The first goal of a Democratic congress would be Impeachment of President Trump.


From: Gabby Giffords <>
Subject: I need your help to take on the gun lobby
Date: March 24, 2018 at 7:43:22 AM PDT

Today we are giving the gun lobby something to be worried about.

At more than 800 events, our movement is taking a powerful stand against gun violence. We’re showing that we will not accept horrific acts of violence as routine — and if Congress won’t act, then American voters will.

We can end the cycle of gun violence — but it will only happen if we continue organizing to take on the gun lobby. So I am asking you today:

Split a $3 donation between Giffords PAC and the DNC to defeat the gun lobby in November. It’s time to elect candidates who will make our communities safer from gun violence.


The gun lobby is fully committed to defending their deadly agenda, no matter what the cost. They are prepared to spend tens of millions of dollars this year — all to elect candidates who will stall efforts on gun violence prevention legislation.

This year we must match their commitment with our own. We must remember that we are not hopeless in the fight to end gun violence — and our collective power at marches nationwide today proves that.

If our current leaders do not have the courage to act on gun violence, then it’s up to us to elect candidates who will.

I am going to work tirelessly this year to defeat politicians who are funded by the gun lobby — and today I am counting on you to join me.

Split a $3 donation between Giffords PAC and the DNC today. Your contribution will help end gun violence and save lives.

All my best,

Gabby Giffords

Contributions or gifts to the Democratic National Committee are not tax deductible. Paid for by the Democratic National Committee,, and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.


Begin forwarded message:
From: “Michael Crawford, Political Action” <>
Subject: We marched. What’s next?
Date: March 24, 2018 at 11:12:38 AM PDT

Dear MoveOn member,
Only days after the massacre at their school, the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School decided what they were going to do next: march for their lives.
As march organizer and Marjory Stoneman Douglas student David Hogg said, “We’re trying to make sure that these politicians know that their actions can and will have consequences if they don’t listen to their constituents and their future constituents—which are us—because right now they’re not doing a good job of keeping us alive.”1

In just a few weeks, their idea turned into a nationwide movement. And today, hundreds of thousands of people are joining them in more than 800 March for Our Lives marches in all fifty states and around the world—as far away as Ghana, Vietnam, and Australia.2,3
The images from today’s marches are astounding, and this movement represents the single largest show of support for gun law reform in history. But these students aren’t stopping now; they know that if this historic outpouring doesn’t change our laws, elections can.
These activists are gearing up to register millions of young voters and to make sure that young people march to the polls in November. Will you help MoveOn stand with them?

Yes, I’ll pitch in $3 and help MoveOn invest in a major effort to register young voters across the country before the midterms, so that they will have a voice to fight the NRA and GOP politicians that are in the NRA’s pocket.

As Jaclyn Corin, a student activist from Marjory Stoneman Douglas said, “We want everyone to know that their voice and their checkmark on a box matters. We don’t want people to continue thinking that they’re just one person, they’re not going to make a difference in the election, [so they’re] not going to go vote.”4

If we come even close to their goal of registering ALL eligible millennials, we will fundamentally change not only the conversation about gun legislation, but the entire electorate of the United States. We will take back the House, make gains in the Senate, and set the stage to throw Donald Trump out of the White House.

The bottom line? This is a crucial and heroic effort for America’s political future. And if these young activists have shown us anything today and over the past month, it’s that they can succeed—but they can only do it if allies from around the country pitch in.

Can you chip in $3 right now to help us support these amazing student leaders by dramatically increasing young voter turnout in 2018?

Back in 2008, MoveOn members funded a massive young voter registration effort, which led to thousands of canvassers reaching out to young voters in 14 crucial battleground states, ultimately registering hundreds of thousands of new voters.

MoveOn already has the systems in place to do that again—and more. We’re investing in new technology, like our groundbreaking texting program and video persuasion tools, training our massive volunteer base, and strengthening strategic partnerships with other grassroots organizations. Together with these young activists, we will register a wave of new voters who will challenge the NRA, its GOP enablers—and hold them accountable at the ballot box, and change the balance of power in America’s electorate.

David Hogg said it best: “We’re going to change history with or without [these politicians], and if they choose to be on the wrong side of history that’s fine, because we’re going to write the history books.”5

Let’s start writing the history books now. Click here to chip in $3

Thanks for all you do.
–Michael, Schuyler, Kenia, Jackie, and the rest of the team
P.S. Marching today? Share your photos with MoveOn! On social media, use hashtag #MarchForOurLives and tag @moveon. You can also email pictures to
1. “Parkland Students David Hogg and Jaclyn Corin Interview | Pod Save America,” Crooked Media YouTube channel, March 21, 2018

2. “March for Our Lives Updates: Chants of ‘Enough is Enough’ at Huge Rallies on Guns,” The New York Times, March 24, 2018

3. “March for Our Lives – Find an Event,” March for Our Lives, accessed March 23, 2018

4. “Parkland Students David Hogg and Jaclyn Corin Interview | Pod Save America,” Crooked Media YouTube channel, March 21, 2018

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