Seattle Economic Growth Indicator

In Seattle, economic growth is measured in homelessness, and in particular in homeless deaths, since Seattle greeedily pulls other regions’ homeless in by handouts and homeless “empowerment” social polices, and pushes people into the streets by (1) supporting “high-tech” low wage growth, like Amazon, and (2) enacting measures and taxes that increase the price of housing beyond what more and more full time workers can afford.

The economic growth of metro Seattle is not actually built on the deaths of the homeless, but sometimes it looks like more than a casual correlation.


Table: “Homeless Deaths Rise In King County, 2012-2017”, in Seattle Times, March 10, 2018. p. A3.

2012: 79 deaths.
2013: 103 deaths.
2014: 87 deaths.
2015: 124 deaths.
2016: 136 deaths.
2017: 169 deaths.

Source: King County Medical Examiner.