NYT: Promoting Fake Genetics To Atomize a People


Hess, Amanda “Arts: Critic’s Notebook: A DNA Reveal: It’s Racial; Sharing Test Results Publicly On Videos Leads to Frank Discussions; Showing the World What You Are Made Of Genetically — And Then Some”, in New York Times, May 7, 2018. pp. C1. C4.

Nervous White Supremacists get DNA testing (like 23andme.com) to prove they are White. Progressive Whites get DNA testing to reduce their “racial guilt” and producing “racial harmony” with non-Whites by allowing them to side with anti-White militants. “Hopefully, “DNA testing services helpful atomize whiteness”. This process of the destruction of whiteness prevents white people from denying the “grotesque aspects of their heritage”.

When Henry Louis Gates smirks as he tells CNN’s Anderson Cooper (descendant of slave owners on a grand scale) that one of Cooper’s ancestors was beaten to death by a Black Slave: Cooper swoons that it is “awesome”.