Logic Amen Advocates School Shootings, But In a Nice Way and On His Own Time

[partial lyrics]

Give me a reason just to load up a rifle
Pull the alarm in the lobby of my high school
Leave the halls bloody like a high noon typhoon
I’m about to cancel Christmas
I won’t leave a freaking’ witness



VIDEO: Assistant Principal Says He’s Trying To Send Message Through Rap Song. KIRO-TV (Seattle), May 8, 2018.

The Tacoma School District says they are standing behind the assistant principal, Logic Amen.

[Rap song celebrating the mass shooting of students in his high school is about how young Black men are victimized by their lack of money and their anger. Parents are concerned, but the Tacoma School District argues that since he did this song on his own time and posted on his own Facebook site it does not affect the school.]



Exit question: What kind of name is “Logic Amen” anyway?