Seattle Used to Be So Nice: A Letter To a Shocked Tourist

Truly, Seattle is a basket case. They have pushed it very far, sliding on a massive tax base they did nothing to cultivate. Once Seattle was a truly great place to live and that alone was the basis for “high tech” economic growth. (Amazon is, you realize, mainly just a low wage warehousing operation with a high-tech front end.) You are right to say that no business would want to locate here now. Local news will not even report the findings of economic studies that found that the $15 wage put 4000 low wage people out of work. Now they are trying to reactivate Occupy, and I think part of the homeless business is that the hordes of homeless are supposed to be the reserve robot army of Occupy 2018. When you saw obese lesbians masturbating in public in downtown Occupy Portland, you hurried your kids away; “our” political leaders saw useful idiots, cannonfodder.
The “theme” of the seattle pride parade yesterday [June 24, 2018] was “Beyond Borders” and the Seattle Times had a front page photo of a Latinx and her Lesbian toddler daughter waving a homemade sign reading “Stop Stealing Brown Children Again”. Pride organizers, interviewed in the Seattle Times, said that the purpose of the slogan was to attack Pres. Trump and demand open borders. However, KIRO TV news in its special report on the parade could not find anyone who actually knew what the last minute slogan meant: They asked several sloppy, drunken queers and they thought it was some kind of new meta-gender-inclusiveness, perhaps extending to Facebook’s sexes #127-215. Interestingly, maybe a third of the people they interviewed were “allies” or parents of some lesbian, etc. (Oddly, no parents pf gays were to be found. Maybe parents hope their daughters will be LUGs and then move on.) I think that very few of the corporate marching groups (Delta Airline, T-Mobile,, Microsoft, etc) were LGBTQ, although the KIRO-TV technical staff was so heavily LGBTQ that even their toddlers were proudly Lesbians or Gays (judging by the t-shirts). 
Of course, Seattle is proud its toddlers are Lesbians and Gays. (Used to be a crime.)
Almost everyone in the parade was White. Not one woman in a hijab. The one Black girl in the T-Mobile marching group (right in the front) was emphatic that she was an “Ally”. She said it three times. She must have been bullied into marching. The Seattle Times could not resist quoting (or making up) anti-Christian bigotry posed as if the speakers were victims.
Police officers marched in the parade in uniform, including the King Country Sheriff’s Office’s first transgender officer with xir’s wife. (There is a picture in the Seattle Times but I cannot guess the gender of either. of course, I really have no need to know.)
[Note: LUGs are “Lesbians Until Graduation”. Women who become Lesbians while in college so they can sidestep the who M-F dating scene, but revet back to heretosexuals when they want to sytart a real life. Lesbian separatists see them as gender traitors.]