Portland A4: Fake News From Associated Press

A critical appraisal of a Fake News article:

Andrew Selsky

“Portland Chief Orders Review of Use of Force By Police At Protest; Patriot Prayer, ANTIFA Faceoff; Counterprotesters Say They Were Targeted”, in Seattle Times, August 6, 2018. p. B6.

(Associated Press)

In an extremely biased Fake News article, Associated Press journalist Selsky begins with failing to note the Portland Police claim that they were attacked by [Pop Mob]/ANTIFA; instead he only notes their order to to ANTIFA to disperse. That is, in classic Fake News style, he cites the second half of the police announcement, but censors the first half: https://twitter.com/PortlandPolice/status/1025848204225441792

Then, pretending they are neutral, Selsky repeatedly quotes at length a CAIR-Portland/Portland Democratic Socialists of America denunciation of “white supremacists, white nationalists and neo-nazi gangs” without noting that CAIR and DSA were leaders of the ANTIFA side. Selsky fails to note that among the other groups on the Pop Mob/ANTIFA side were Rose City Antifa, ILPS (a Philippine Communist Party front group), the Guillotine Pod (which was used to behead a manikin of Pres. Trump, at OccupyICEPDX followed by the enactment of public acts of sexual necrophilia with the head, in front of children), the green masked Rojavist security force, International Socialist Organization, Portland Assembly, etc. (The DSA co-author of the CAIR-DSA document may be the same DSA leader who gave a speech at City Hall at the start of the PopMob March calling for the extermination of all Nazis on Earth (or maybe just the Deplorables), and who freely calls White people Nazis.)

The article then turns to denunciation of the “extremist” side (he repeatedly calls Patriot Prayer and Proud Boys extremists but never calls ANTIFA extremist): He cites a denunciation of the proud Boys by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), followed by quoting their claim to credibility, without noting that the SPLC has direct ties to ANTIFA nationwide: for example, ANTIFA militants work as SPLC “intelligence” operatives. (When one person at the rally was confronted by a journalist, on camera, about the SPLC claim that Joey Gibson is a “hater”, unimpressed, the kid immediately noted that Morris Dees is a known pedophile and hence has no moral authority at all.)

Misrepresenting other Patriot Prayer-ANTIFA clashes, he gives one line to Patriot Prayer leader Joey Gibson, who says, “We’re here to promote freedom and God. That’s it.”

The article never mentions that the patriot Prayer rally was completely non-violent, and the ANTIFA side attacked police, isolated Patriot Prayer participants, and even journalists. That is why all journalists livestreaming on the internet broadcast from the Patriot Prayer side, even if they were anti-racists (like “anti-racist” Tim Pool) ANTIFA or employees of George Soros (Luke Rudkowski); all admitted that journalists were being indiscriminately attacked by ANTIFA and that they were safe with patriot Prayer. Almost all livestreamers supporting the right were blocked by Youtube, Periscope, and Facebook. Even one mainstream journalist was attacked by ANTIFA: Eder Campuzano of the Oregonian, apparently hit by a brick when ANTIFA started throwing things at the police (the brick and stone throwing by ANTIFA that Selsky refuses to mention). Selsky is even willing to conceal the fact that journalists were attacked in Portland by ANTIFA, again.

Associated Press is consistently pro-ANTIFA, as is the Seattle Times, the Oregonian of Portland, and all three free weekly newspapers in Portland.