Putin’s Long Arm In Washington State: was Putin Actually Driving the Pickup?

I am hoping this is a troll but I fear it is a sincere letter to the editor. Still, her logic and evidence is better than anything Robert Mueller has been able to find or fabricate.


Judy Ronningen

“Letter to the Editor: Dismissed Charges in Okanogan County Death; Long Arm of Russia”, in Seattle Times, August 11, 2018. p. A11.

(Bellevue) I was appalled to read that a white supremacist murder suspect in Okanogan County cannot be tried because crucial information from a victim’s cellphone was destroyed by malware, likely from Russian hackers. (“Homicide case falls apart over lost evidence”, August 6.] Bumbling by a county detective and prosecutor also was to blame.

I hope that anyone who believes Russian interference in our country is “fake news” or that it doesn’t really matter except to people in the “other Washington” has read this news report. It can’t get much closer to home than having a white supremacist murder suspect — accused of running over an unarmed woman with his truck — running free in their midst.