Evergreen State College: Bad School, Fewer Students

Allowing fanatical Black Lives Matter and “White Ally” Anarchist students to riot and terrorize a campus on video is not always the best recruiting tool it seems. Naturally, there has been no news coverage of this in Washington State.


Get Woke, Go Broke: Evergreen State College Is Down To 300 New Enrollments. Daily Wire, September 11, 2018.

(by Emily Zanotti) Two years ago, professor Brett Weinstein — by no means a “conservative” — was driven off the campus of Evergreen State College in Washington for refusing to participate in a “day of silence” protest that mandated all white students and faculty leave campus. His response, which called for “tolerance” of opposing viewpoints (including opposing leftist viewpoints) triggered days of protests on campus that left administrators with no choice but to shut the school down.

Now, as the school prepares for its fall semester, the price of going “full woke” is evident: the school is welcoming the smallest incoming Freshman class on record. Only 300 students have selected Evergreen State College for their education.

“This fall, we expect less than 300 freshmen to attend Evergreen, a fifty percent drop from two years ago,” one Evergreen professor admitted on the site, Heterodox Academy. “It is the only four year institution in the state of Washington that has seen a decrease in applications, and is currently publicly funded for 4200 students, far greater than this year’s anticipated total attending class of 2800.”

Evergreen has already suffered through cutbacks and staff layoffs. Earlier this year, the school put plans for an expansion on hold, anticipating around a 20% drop-off in enrollment. They under-estimated.