Trump’s Israel-Palestine Plan: Some Speculation

What is the Trump plan for the Israel-Palestine crisis? Trump keeps his plans pretty quiet, surrounded as he is by wretched traitors and the corrupt agents of Obama-Clinton.

However, having followed the region very closely, I think elements of a trump “Peace Plan” are this: First, refugees will be nationalized and the refugee camps abolished. So Palestinian refugees in Jordan will get Jordanian citizenship, etc Naturally,  each country will need to be bribed. Concurrently, the second part is that Palestinian state-like institutions and political & aid infrastructure (all of which are paid for by foreign nation donors) will be pared back step-by-step if they refuse to talk. Each step makes it less likely they will talk. (BTW, UNRWA’s mandate was for 50 years which ended in the ealy 2000s: At present it has no legal existence. Does not matter yet, but watch.) Every time Palestinians scream about how anyone who supports them (e.g., the campaign to free Ahed Tamimi) is a white supremacist (quoting Haaretz) they further isolate themselves.

This summer, Hamas played the immense human suffering card in the Great March For Return (159 dead, 16100 wounded) and it was ignored, worldwide.

Perhaps as a test case, Israel will annex Golan Heights. (The US may compensate post-war Syria with reconstruction money. I wonder if the Golan annexation, if de facto accepted by Russia, will lead to the US accepting Crimea.) Maybe not.

Then Israel will annex the West Bank and empty the concentration camps by deportation of the “criminals” (i.e., constituting much of the Palestinian political class), maybe to someplace like South Africa or Nauru. Probably before the deportation, the camps will be filled to the brim with new “criminals” by the tricky Israelis. West Bank Palestinians will be naturalized over 20 years or so; no votes for felons probably. Other Palestinians, including Gazans, will be given free transit out to whatever Arab (or other) countries that will take them. (Why exactly should it be easier for Palestinians to become French citizens than Jordanian or Lebanese citizens?) Providing a general model for ending all the refugee crises worldwide would be a big deal: it is time for the Refugee Convention of 1951 to be scrapped.

Then, step-by-step, each requiring Gazan acceptance, Gaza will become a Palestinian State, maybe by 2118, or 2318.

So what we have is a Two-State-ish solution, based on the Israeli-Jordanian border post-1967 war, with the abolition of the 70-year long refugee crisis. (It is also an important general model for resolving ALL refugee crises: so 200 million Blacks get to live in Libya instead of public housing on the French Riviera. Or maybe just Africa for the Africans. Rohingyas get to stay in Bangladesh. And Syrians get to go home, all the refugees get to go home.) It is rooted in the undisputed fact that Israel and the Jews have massive political power in the United States, Europe and they own the Fake News (the one Trump foreign policy program that is essentially uncriticized by the media (and the Dems) is his radical steps in Palestine), and the Palestinians have no political power, and will accept nothing less that their maximal demands, and that only without any kinds of diplomatic talks.

Israelis get a Jewish State, if they can hold it. Millions of Palestinians get normal lives, as citizens somewhere instead of as refugees, which is a kind of nowhere. And history is not over, for anyone.