Oh No! North Korea and Iran Have EMP Weapons

Oh No! North Korea and Iran Have EMP Weapons.

Re: https://freebeacon.com/national-security/china-russia-north-korea-and-iran-set-for-electronic-pulse-attacks-on-u-s/

The suitcase nukes in the hands of the Chechen Mujahideen hoax (c. 2002) was touted by a certain Yosef Bodansky, who was an intelligence director of the Congressional Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare, 1988-2004. This is very high up. But it was always patently bogus. It came to mind because I got his big book on the Iraq War a few days ago for $1 and the index makes no reference to every issue I think is important about that war. Maybe he was just trying to keep his job (in a manner his masters approved of) by pretending he has involved in something very important.

EMP is generated by very powerful events, like nuclear explosions. Little EMP bursts can be made with a lot of energy. To blanket a large area requires a large aerial nuclear explosion, like a multiple megaton yield hydrogen bomb at orbital altitudes. No one talking about EMP weapons notes any vast advance in this field. They have probably scaled them up, but short of a nuclear weapon, there is no way to affect an area as large as a city; even a large office building might be too large a target for a truck mounted system. (I think that when a small EMP system pops, it destroys its own circuitry, so it is a one shot deal.) And key military facilities are hardened, building by building, making them into large degaussing boxes (a covered metal box that is grounded and isolated from the grid). Supposedly, starting in the 1960s, all critical buildings were hardened for EMP. All submarines are hardened, almost by definition.

It is Saddam’s Nukes all over again: That was New York Times’ Fake News that left millions dead. It is also the gold standard for Fake News.