Marine Le Pen on Migration Pact (video)

and my summary of her comments…
Vlad Tepesblog
Marine Le Pen on Migration Pact. Youtube, December 6, 2018.
Watch this one and spread it around. It’s all that should matter for the next week at least. 
(summary: The signing of the Global Compact For Migration (full name Global Compact For Safe Orderly & Regular Migration) comes in a silence, as the mass media says nothing about it, and France spreads disinformation. At the beginning it gives the “Right to Migrate” to hundreds of millions of potential migrants, and gives them every kind of privilege over people in the countries they occupy. It establishes four principles: (1) active orchestration of mass migration; (2) the pillaging of host economies, (3) the institutionalization of “parallel communites and the institutionalization of diasporas; (4) pro-migrant propaganda and criminalization of dissent, and re-education of the media to eliminate thought crimes against migration. It would turn consulates into migration centers and would provide support at every stage of migration. It would involve a massive transfer of funds and technologies to countries of origin. It stands for the complete erasure of host societies by the parallel communities. Signing the agreement is irreversible and is legally binding, and every signatory must report on its compliance to UN review bodies. No signatory is allowed to place any barriers to unlimited migration. Countries that have refused to sign include the Bulgaria, Hungary, Czechia, Switzerland, Croatia, United States, Israel and more recently Italy. “The French president, fossilised as he is in his obsolete ideological dogma had nothing better to say that this: ‘It seems to me that the proposed solutions are in agreement with both European values and European interests.'” She called on Macron to reject the document and stated the National Rally will fight the Compact every step of the way until it becomes a worthless piece of paper.)