Google Translate Lies

“The translator is a liar.” — Medieval Italian proverb.

Of course we all know that Google is constantly falsifying its ephemeral search results. For example, its autocorrection/autocomplete turns the search “Clinton Crimes” into “Clinton Cares”, while “Trump Cares” becomes “Trump Crime”

Searches give improbable and unreproducible results. A few days ago after a crazy editorial from New York said that Trump was the most anti-semitic person in history, I checked with Google and “”Donald Trump” and anti-semitism” gave 14 million hits, but “”Adolf Hitler” and anti-semitism” gave only 7 million. This rates Trump as 200% as anti-semitic as Hitler.

Today (10/20/2019) the same search gave Trump 4.9 million hits and Hitler only 0.8 million, making Trump 500% as anti-semitic as Hitler. Not the product of some perfect algorithm (which is just an excuse) it shows the naked bias of Google’s owners and like-minded drone-employees. Bibliometrics using Google search results as data is gibberish.

Now the same problem appears to infect Google Translate. Consider the phrase “Chinga La Migra”, the slogan and campaign of NWDC Resistance (renamed La Resistanca in April 2019). This group held increasing violent protests at the Geo Group private detention center {the Northwest Detention Center, NWDC, now renamed Northwest processing center) for illegal aliens in Tacoma.

BTW: A frequent participant in NWDC Resistance rallies was Antifa Willem Van Spronsen, who went on to mount a suicide attack on the facility, seeking to explode the large propane tanks at the side of the building, but ending up only burning some buses. He was shot and killed. The day before the attack, or so, he quit the Puget Sound John Brown Gun Club, a heavily armed Antifa wannabe death squad.

Anyway, NWDC Resistance/La Resistencia has a chant and a slogan “Chinga La Migra” that appears on their websites, on signs and on banners.

Google translate claims “Chinga La Migra” in English as “Chinga La Migra”. It is not. It translates as “F-ck the Migration Police”. It is not a nice slogan. Mistranslating this is a clear sign of political bias in favor of illegal immigration.

This resembles the treatment NWDC Resistance gets at Bing (the worst search engine ever) which highlights a record proclaiming the leader of the group, a Mexican illegal alien activist for illegal alien rights, to be a “Freedom Fighter”. Of course, Bing is owned by Microsoft Corp. which is now the stronghold of thousands of Indian visa overstayers. However, the conquest of First World corporate empires by targeted mass migration from Global South countries is a topic for a later time.