Seattle Coronavirus

Feb 26.: I joked a week ago in unaswered letters to Seattle’s Mayor Jennie Durkan and King County Supervisor Dow Constantine that they should maintain their Sanctuary City policies, especially in times of the Coronavirus. That is now the official policy of the European Union: Open Borders.

(“According to Bloomberg News, health ministers from Austria, Croatia, France, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Switzerland and a representative from San Marino agreed on Tuesday to keep European borders open, arguing that closing them would be a “disproportionate and ineffective measure” at this time.”) — (Remember when Obama insisted that any closure of the US borders against Ebola was RACIST! He just wanted ebola to spread in the United States.)

Meanwhile Jordan and El Salvador are securing their borders from selected Whites and Asians (that is, racial profiling):

Jordan is blocking entry of Italians. Seems like only yesterday people from Jordan were pouring across Italian borders, illegally.

And El Salvador has closed its borders to “infected aliens” from a list of nations. I thought no person is an infection (illegal).¬†Anyway: Considering that San Diego County has a thousand corona people in self-quarantine (I think that means going to shopping malls instead of work), how many illegal Salvadoreans want to sneak into San Diego now?

San Francisco has declared a pre-emoptive corona emergency — considering that fecal matter can transmit corona, and that San Francisco is caked in excrement from the homeless (new word for 2020: “Fecalized environment”) I think they will be just fine. (The lesbian cabal that runs Seattle city government thinks that every problem can be solved by hiring monstrously-obese trans lap dancers: maybe San Francisco should try that. Or at least more of that.)