Coronavirus and NYC FearPorn


This Russian news report of pending disaster in New York City, based in part on a video supplied by a Queens nurse to the New York Times, interpreted by Al-Jazeera, and amplified by Fort Russ, inadvertantly offers some interesting information about the high death rate in New York City.

(1) The deaths from coronavirus are concentrated in the borough of Queens, described as home to innumerable immigrants. [Sanctuary City] This tells us that generally they do not have cars. Cars are important to be able to reach a hospital. Many people wait too long to go in to the hospital. The article notes that there may be 170 emergencies ahead of you when you call for an ambulance, which implies many hours of waiting. Hours in which many people die or become too ill to save. (Also people need to shop for groceries more often without a car, etc., contacting other people.)

(2) People are coming to the hospital very sick, late Phase Three or Phase Four. One doctor is quoted saying: “Patients are brought in, connected to devices, then they die, and the circle repeats.” But when the circle repeats, maybe it is time to break the circle. (I do appreciate that the doctors and nurses are pushed to the breaking point.)

(3) The only treatment described for these Phase Four people is ventilators. They are very ill, they hook them up, they die. Repeat. No, stop. I have been wondering why it is that we have not been hearing from people who recovered through the use of ventilators. We hear about people recovering from coronavirus, even people in their 90s, and we hear about a few people treated with antimalarial drugs, but people recovering with the aid of ventilators, not one. Maybe ventilators are a very poor strategy. Maybe Phase Four people almost never recover once they are put on ventilators. Maybe.

P.S.– The Black mayor of New Orleans would not cancel Mardi Gras (leading to a surge in infections), although she did cancel the St. Patrick’s Day Parade (that is, the Black mayor saved Whites but sacrificed Blacks!), and New York authorities encouraged people to congregate in a crowd of more than a million for Lunar New Year in Manhattan which created a massive surge in infections (a strategy that targeted multiculturalists): They blame Trump.