Coronavirus: New York Times Says No

After banning hydroxychlorquine for use in Michigan, the governor has backed down as evidence is piling up that hydroxychlorquine is effective for treating people infected with coronavirus, especially people who have very severe cases. This comes even though access to the drug has been very restricted until now. (CBS News, at least, seems to have banned any mention of hydroxychlorquine.)

This is that case: The man arrived at the hospital almost dead and his life was saced. The report includes extracts from his medical records showing precise doses, times and days of threatment.

In addition, there is the report that a Dr. Vladimir Zelenko in New York has treated 350 people and had 100% cure rate. (Now he has treated more than 700 people.)

Almost all patients Zelenko has treated are Hasidic Jews, many from the all-Hasdic town of Kiryat Joel, as is Zelenko (a very detailed report):

In addition, Dr. Raoult Didier at the Faculty of Medicine of Aix-Marseille University in Marseilles, France, used hydroychloroquine and 79 of 80 patients recovered from coronavirus. The one patient who died was very old, very sick and had serious comorbidities.

In light of this demonstrated usefulness, HHS issued an order to allow emergency use of hydroychloroquine in treating coronavirus. (This order came before Laura Ingraham was censoreed by Twitter for mentioning hydroychloroquine.)

Now comes the New York Times, today, pretending hydroychloroquine has no value at all for people seriously ill. here is a summary of the New York Times article that appeared in the Seattle Times:


Denise Grady.

“Malaria Drug Helps Speed Recovery; Small Study: Hydroxychlorquine Helped a Small Number of Patients Who Were Mildly Ill With Covid-19”, in Seattle Times, April 2, 2020. p. A5.

(New York Times) The New York Times is warning that hydroxychlorquine is a drug of limited value in treating people infected with Covid-19, and then only if they have a very mild case. Previous reports from France and China that were heralded by Pres. Trump can safely be ignored. A landmark study of 62 patients with an average age of 45 at the Renmin Hospital in Wuhan, China, which excluded patents with conditions that can be made worse by the drug (abnormal heart rhythms, certain eye diseases, and liver of kidney problems), all with very mild cases, and with usual treatments continuing (oxygen, antiviral drugs, antibiotics and other treatments), treated for five days, found pneumonia improved in 25 of 31 patients. Based on this study, Dr. William Schaffner at Vanderbilt University warns that hydroxychlorquine is useful in only the mildest cases and there is no information on whether it is effective in severe cases.


So, a new study from China claims hydroxychloroquine is useless and the New York Times parrots that claim, even as the heavily infected Hasidic communities of New York State have apparently unlimited access to the still scarce drugs. It almost sounds like the New York Times is using Chinese Communist propaganda falsely claiming hydroxychloroquine is useless, so that it can hoard the still scarce drug for people it cares about, and deny the drug to those it does not care about.