Coronavirus: First Reported Use of Hydroxychloroquine in Washington State

Seattle Times notes that there have been 9887 cases of coronavirus and 475 deaths as if April 10 (Seattle Times, April 11, 2029. p. A6)

Although other states have sporatic reports of the successful use of Hydroxychloroquine to treat coronavirus, and each report has to break through the comprehensive censorship of “Trump’s” Hydroxychloroquine, there has never been a report of a use of it in Washington,

Until now. But it is a sneaky, back-handed mention.

The story was by reporter Deedee Sun, “VIDEO: Kirkland doctor who nearly died from COVID recovers after experimental treatment”. KIRO-TV (Seattle), April 11, 2020.

The report noted that when Ryan Padgett, ER physician at Evergreen Health Center in Kirkland [for a long time the national epicenter of coronavirus deaths] came down with coronavirus, he went to Swedish Hospital. He was hospitalized for over two weeks, was on a ventilator and dialysis. Then he was given an arthritis medicine, Actemra (tocilizumab), and started to recover over four days. Then he had a miraculous recovery. Now clinical trials will begin at Swedish on the use of Actemra as a treatment for coronavirus.

Abruptly, at 2:30 of 2:40 vlideo clip, it is noted he also received Hydroxychloroquine.

This is the first reported use of the treatment in any hospital in Washington. We have had 475 deaths fom coronavirus and this is the first time Hydroxychloroquine is known to have been used in the state. And Dr. Padgett had a full recovery.

I have commented befoe on how Gov, Jay Inslee (whose presidential bid drew 0% of the Democratic vote until he dropped out) constantly makes derogatory comments about Pres Trump, a practice repeated and amplified by the craven local media. Inslee clearly sees such attacks as the basis for a renewed presidental bid (someone has to replace Grandpa Biden). Inslee’s strategy is clearly to distance himself from Trump on the issue of the pandemic.

To do that he needs a pandemic. Inslee has already extended the state lockdown to May 4, and when Pres. Trump said he had a target of May 1, Inspee immediately said it would have to be extended past May 4. (The devastation of the Washington economy is irrelevant, since Inslee’s version of the Green New Deal already pnanned the complete deindustrialization and impoverishment of the people of the state.)

As long as the lockdown continues, Inspee has an issue (in addition to the pathetic claim by the Democratc National Committee, Soros organs, and its minions that Trump is using coronavirus to murder Black people), but the pandemic needs a death count. If these is a death count, Inslee can point to the deaths and say there would be so many more if the lockdown had ended, and each death is of a person murdered by Trump.

And so in Washington State, the one drug known to be an effective treatments is not being used. There is not a formal ban like in Michigan (overturned) or Nevada (with “secret” State government stockpiles), rather the word has gone down that it simply will not be used. In many states, such orders are secretly circumvented by doctors who get prescriptions for themslves in case they need it, even as they deny it to their patients. (Now that most doctors are really bureaucrats, denying health options has become routine.)

It is a strange fact that in many major cities where the police are publicly reviled by Mayors and local politicians, that police once exposed to coronavirus are being denied access to hydroxychloroquine. And they die.

Here in washington, only when an ER physician needed hydroxychloroquine would Swedish Hospital, which is a very fine hospital indeed, allow its use. And then everyone pretended it was a different arthritis drug that worked. Maybe Actemra does work but the studies will take years.

Hydroxychloroquine works NOW, but in Washington state, Gov. Jay Inslee’s vain hope to run for President takes priority over the lives and miserable deaths of of the people of Washington. Inslee’s ambitions are literally killing people.


Everyone who goes to a hospital with symptoms of coronavirus should carry a written and signed demand for threatmen with hydrochloroquine. Your family should amplify the demand if you do not get it, you and they should threaten a lawsuit if you do not get the drug.

From the day that HHS authorizied emergency use of hydroxychloroquine, on March 29, almost every death has been preventable. I had no idea how ugly the 2020 elction would be.