Coronavirus: America’s Frontline Doctors (Quick Summary)

When a group called America’s Frontline Doctots held a press conference on the coronavirus, stating plainly that hydroxychlorquine was an effective treatment and cure (if taken early) and that the lockdown and school closures were political, it was immediately censored by all the big Internet lords.

Happy the Patriots at Patriot Fire, who believe in free speech, reposted the video at:

It is very interesting and worth watching.

Here is a quick summary written in the middle of the night:

Here is a quick summary:

Quick summary: We are paralyzed by a spiderweb of fear; childen rare have severe cases and there is no known case of a child giving the virus to their parents; we need to open the schools: the barrier is the National Education Association and its affiliate unions have crazy demands (close charter schools, defund police) or they will strike; one Houston doctor cures 350 patients, losing one, many with serious comorbidities and elderly, with hydroxychloroquine (teachers, doctors and staff on hydroxychloroquine; one tablet every other week): NIH knows hydroxychloroquine works and is safe since they have published a paper on it (in NIH’s official publication Virology in 2005): no one needs to get sick and die, we have a cure (hydroxychloroquine, zinc, azithromycin); CNN’s Sanjay Gupta says it does not work but he has never treated a coronavirus patient. There is a cure for Covid-19: It is Hydroxychlorquine. Lockdowns create public health issues, suicide up 600%; alcoholism, domestic violence; lockdowns are not reducing the death rate in other countries; a sustainable approach is open schools and businesses, and empowering people with information. Masks are not essential. South Dakota was the only state to allow access to hydoxycholorquine and it did better that other states. Many states have empowered pharmacists to refuse to provide hydroxychloroquine. In Africa, Latin America, Indonesia and Iran anyone can buy hydroxtchloroquine over-the-counter. Case numbers are useless since there are many inaccuracies and almost everyone is asymptomatic. If you are healthy and under 60 you are not at risk. 70000-100000 people who have died in the United States did not need to die if they were treated with hydroxychloroquine. Almost all of the 30 patients under 15 who have died from coronavirus have serious comorbidities. Hydroxychloroquine is safer than aspirin; there were many fake studies that used massive toxic doses (it concentrates in the lungs). Because of politics it is being blocked for widespread use. There is a great deal of censorship. Google has been censoring reports that advocate Hydroxychloroquine. Lancet and New England Journal of Meeicine published fake studies that was retracted. Facebook and Youtube have been the most draconian censors. Long term use of 200 mg of hydrochloroquine twice a week with daily zinc provides protection from coronavirus. The Frontline Doctors appeal to Anthony Fauci to meet with them and learn about successful treatment.

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