How Many Died of Coronavirus As a Result of the Black Lives Matter Protests?

This is a question no one has cared to ask other than to shrug and say the protests conferred perfect immunity.

For months there were rallies, marches and riots associated with Black Lives Matter and their White Allies. This period also saw the second surge in deaths from corona. But how many died in the surge?

First, the chart:

At the chart is interactive and you can get the numbers week by week. The racial breakdown of deaths week by week remains elusive.

So if we assume that for this period the “normal” baseline weekly death toll was something like 4000 a week, the Black Lives Matter surge looks like this (below), week by week. All deaths above 4000 are noted for the ten week surge.

The three columns are: (1) week ending; (2) total deaths; (3) additional deaths in the BLM coronavirus surge

6/20 3816

6/27 3793

7/4 4494 494

7/11 5735 1735

7/18 7126 3126

7/25 8154 4154

8/1 8227 4227

8/8 7784 3784

8/15 7169 3169

8/22 6273 2273

8/29 5611 1611

9/5 4908 908

9/12 4374 374

9/19 3990

9/26 4013

10/3 3917

Total incremental deaths due to Black Lives Matter: 25,855.

This is of course a loose analysis that could be criticized on a number of grounds, including thought crime, but it appears the Black Lives Matter movement cost 25,855 lives. Officially, Fauci essentially suggested it was a super-Immunity event, but I don’t think so.

Prove me wrong.