Honolulu: Robots and the Homeless in the Pandemic

Honolulu has taken an unusual approach to homelessness in the pandemic. One solution, almost universally rejected, would be to find or create the jobs for the homeless s so they could find housing. Honolulu has a better idea. And it is very high tech.

Honolulu was acquired a fleet of robot dogs that can detect the temperature of the homeless to determine if the targeted person has a fever. However, there a couple of details that diminish this technological marvel. First most people who have fevers do not have coronavirus. Second, most people who have coronavirus do not have fevers. Third, so what if they have coronavirus, they are still homeless and still have coronavirus.

I suppose Honolulu Robot Dog Mission Control has realtime displays of robot dog data. But so what?

Maybe Honolulu needs more robot dogs. Maybe that’s the problem. Lots more. Because if 20 robot dogs are useless, maybe 1000 robot dogs can get the job done. Maybe 10,000 robot dogs. It may reach the point that Honolulu will need more homeless to justify the mission.

Report: https://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2021/10/21/hawaii_has_deployed_robot_dogs_to_scan_homeless_people_for_covid.html