Guest Post: Ask Comrade Meow

Q. A visibly feeble Jesse Jackson joins a march organized by the Revolutionary Communist Party [RCP] in Kenosha, with a banner proclaiming that Rittenhouse is guilty, and an activist loudly calling for a “Communist revolution.” This is astonishing.  There appear to be thousands of these fanatic Communists in this demonstration.

A. Take heart. The RCP is not very large. Most of the marchers are, as always, lumpen, high school kids, gangs, homeless, Black would be looters (I mean BLM moral philosophers), drug addicts and alcoholics, drug dealers, exotic gender minorities, undergrad anthro majors and few graduate school feminist dance majors, grifters and thieves,  a few illegal aliens, unconvincing trans-satanists, runaways, rapists and pedophiles prowling for victims, mental patients, tourists, curious onlookers, a crowd of nonbinary girls, high school teachers, marxist- and anarcho-journalists, the local Democratic Socialists of America/Indivisibles, a few pussy hat die-hards, Karens bringing pizzas “to help”, small contingents from several other leftist and anarcho groups, etc.

The RCP has only a few hundred members max, nationwide. When the RCP splinter group, Refuse Fascism, was set up by RCP minion Sunsara Taylor with funding by Soros, they promised a million revolutonaries in the streets. They drew a couple hundred nationwide; in some cities less than ten. 

I vaguely recall a Charlie Chaplain film, Modern Times?, where he is walking down the street. A truck with lumber sticking out the back drives by and a red flag falls off the lumber. Chaplain picks it up and walks down the middle of the street waving the red flag. Unbeknownst to him, from a side srreet comes thousands of angry protesters, 50 abreast as far as the eye can see and they pivot to march about 50 feet behind him. So he is suddenly leading a mass protest of thousands. 

So it is with the RCP and their mass protests. And bear in mind that this is with the full tolerance of the deep state. With Oligarchic funding. After 50 years of energetic recruiting.