In These Early Days of Omicron….

There has been a solid front in the health industry against the idea of natural immunity. It is essentially never mentioned at all. But in a series of brief interviews of University of Washington medical employees (yes, Bill Gates’ bought and paid for research front; as of 2020, more than 500 members of UW Medical School and UW Medicine had received grants from one or another of Gates’ instrumentalities), one doctor slipped up.
Here is a summary of the video:

VIDEO: Health officials weigh in on Omicron symptoms, transmissibility. KIRO-TV (Seattle), December 7, 2021.

In these early days of the Omicron….
Dr. Joshua Schiffer, infections disease physician and researcher, Fred Hutchison Cancer Center and University of Washington: Omicron is likely to become the dominant strain; it may dodge immunity, both people who have recovered or been vaccines might lose some of their immunity; no real data on how severe Omicron is, anecdotal reports that Omicron is not severe but it could be even worse.
Dr. Danielle Zerr, Infectious Disease Specialist, Seattle Children’s/University of Washington:some evidence that young children are more likely to be hospitalized.
Dr. Seth Cohen, Infectious Disease Specialist, University of Washington: even if symptoms are less serious it could be worst; people need to get vaccines and boosters; even if vaccines have been waning, or have less value against omicron, the booster will give you a stronger immunity.
All three said get vaccinated and get the booster.


The “experts” all stress that despite having limited information, Omicron will be very bad. And now the fact that the effectiveness of the vaccines is waning quickly is no longer a wacky conspiracy theory, but common knowledge and is mentioned without emphasis or comment. But Schiffer slips when he talks about how Omicron may impair existing immunity, he mentions both natural immunity and vaccine produced immunity. Now he only does so to warn existing immunity will be damaged by Omicron, and adds in natural immunity to warn that if the vaccine is useless so is natural immunity, but he mentions it.

All the experts say that you need to get the vaccine and the boosters, despite admitting that the vaccine wanes quickly, and without noting that all known Omicron cases in the United States were people vaccinated with both shots and the vaccine booster. And that all known cases were mild. It is probably also true that the inknown cases were too mild to detect. Bizarrely, after admitting that the vaccine is not working, they are advising more of the same.