Biden’s Russia-Ukraine War. Why?

For all the hysteria there is no war. Russia and Ukraine and France and Germany do not want war.

Only Biden and his Neo-Con handlers , like David Frum, want war.

The reason for this whole Russia-Ukraine hysteria has nothing to do with Russia and Ukraine or even with Europe: It is to allow the Neo-cons within Biden Administration to stage a coup in the United States. Even as Putin is being called Hitler for his imaginary threats to Ukraine, anyone who opposes the war is being called an agent of Putin. As the war hysteria builds in the media, the Neo-Cons clearly hope they can use the war to arrest the Russian spies and traitors, including Trump and all the anti-war Republican congressmen and others like Tucker Carlson. This artificial crisis would also allow them to abolish Freedom of Speech forever and postpone or cripple the 2022 elections.

It is the ultimate Color Revolution.

It is super J6.

For that kind of power, the destruction of Europe is a price Biden and the Nei-Cons are more than willing to pay.