The Weathermen and the 1972 Munich Olympics Massacre

Larry Grathwohl was a blue collar Vietnam Vet who was recruited by the Weathermen and volunteered as an informant to the FBI from Day One. Hs book, “Bringing Down America” (1976), is genuinely amazing. He rose through the ranks to have contact with the leaders, like Bill Ayers. he was the only high-level FBI informant in the Weathermen.

When the Weathermen were trying to create international linkages, Garthwohl was introduced to a Palestinian Fatah member, a double agent (or triple agent?), and informant to the FBI with the code name “Ali Baba”. (pp. 184-185) The FBI plan was to have Garthwohl infiltrate Weatherman meetings with foreign terrorist groups: That never happened because only the Weatherman elite made foreign trips.

However, Ali Baba said something interesting to Garhwohl at the meeting: He gave advance information about a planned terrorist attack on the 1972 Olympics in Munich.

It is impossible to believe that Ali Baba’s advance warning about the Olympics terrorist attack was not passed on to Israel, whether formally or by Israeli spies who are everywhere in the US police and intelligence agencies.

On September 5, eight Black September gunmen took eleven Israeli athletes hostage. In the end all hostages would be killed, and five of the eight terrorists were also killed. Most of the deaths were blamed on the very poor German security arrangements. It seems probable that German security authorities were not given advance warning of the terrorist attack by anyone.

Black September was a Fatah splinter group which had support by some but not all Fatah leadership. Fatah always denied any role in the Munich Olympics attack. Later, Fatah dismantled Black September.

Israeli intelligence surely had advance warning of the attack from a Fatah faction that did not support the Munich attack, but apparently did nothing with the infomation.

Few of the murderous Weatherman would ever face charges, supposedly in order to protect intelligence sources and methods. Most Weatherman leaders, like Bill Ayers, became powerful, behind-the-scene operatives of the Deep State.

Bill Ayers would go on to mentor Barack Obama, who would become the first Weatherman president.