Christopher Columbus, Pope Francis, the Doctrine of Discovery, the Ottoman Empire, the Battle of Lepanto, and Pachamama

On March 30, Pope Francis renounced the ancient “Doctrine of Discovery” that formalized the right of European powers to colonize the New World. This was hailed by communists throughout the Western Hemisphere as delegitimizing every European founded nation in the New World, except maybe Haiti.

His renunciation is apparently based on the idea that the only alternative to racist European Christian colonization was preservation of the ancient utopia of the Native Americans. That utopia included mass murder, slavery, human sacrifice, and cannibalism, but Pope Francis appears to believe that was better than the (imperfect) Christian order that followed.

One tiny detail Pope Francis seems to be unaware of, as are all those who denounce Columbus and the Christianization of the New World, is that the world was more than two: the world was not only the Christian European/Mediterranean Old World and the New World. About half that Old World was in the hands of the Ottoman Turks. All anti-Columbus literature is completely unaware of the existence of the Ottoman Empire, a unified, aggressive and competent competitor for Christian Europe. Ottoman enslavement of European Christians would continue into the 1800s,

The Ottoman Empire was watching the voyages of discovery and in 1513 Piri Reis, an Ottoman admiral and cartographer produced a map that included part of Brazil. The Ottomans were watching and waiting for their chance to break out of the Mediterranean world.

However, Spain held the strategic Canary Islands, the key to the New World.

The fate of the New World was sealed, not by the order of the Popes in their decrees of 1452 and 1497, but by the combined forces of Spain and its Holy League allies at the Battle of Lepanto. If the Ottoman Empire had won the battle decisively, the history of the New World might have been much different. It would have been conquered by the Ottomans. And while there are a thousand surviving indigenous groups in the New World after 500 years of Christian rule, the Ottoman style of conquest, including mass enslavement and depopulation, forced conversion and kidnapping of women and children for forced marriages, would have obliterated every indigenous group, leaving only a seamless Ummah. Instead, sealed in a corner of the Mediterranean, the Ottoman Empire would become a toxic backwater, and would slowly decline and collapse, leaving the heartlands of Islam in ruins.

Pope Francis is not interested in any of this.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that Muslims claim ownership of the New World through their own version of the Doctrine of Discovery. Muslims claim that they found the New World first, that there was a mass conversion of Indians to Islam, and that there were mosques everywhere in the New World. Muslims accuse Columbus of concealing all this, of destroying the mosques and slaughtering or enslaving the Muslim Indians.

Muslims who believe all this will point to Pope Francis and say that he also supports the Muslim Doctrine of Discovery and that by invalidating any European or Christian claim to the New World, has proclaimed it to be Muslims Lands. Perhaps that was Pope Francis’ intention, but Muslims would never tolerate any Pachamama idolotry.

(Source: JJS)