Resistance Propaganda For Childrem


George Gene Gustines.

“Comics Put the Pow in Power”, in New York Times, July 19, 2017. p. C1, C4.

The New York Times is very enthusiastic about new anti-Trump comic books to indoctrinate children. One is Calexit, written by Matt Pizzolo and drawn by Amancay Nahuelpan, from Black Mask Studios, about a war between the United States and California, which has seceded to prevent mass deportations by a tyrant Pres. [Trump], and the [Soros] Resistance in Los Angeles. Pizzolo founded the “Become the Government” super PAC to back “progressive” candidates. Pizzolo notes the purpose of his work is to organize the Resistance against Trump. The back cover has interviews with Resistance heroes: Ananda Weaver of Reclaim Chicago and Bill Ayers, [terrorist] “Weathermen” founder. >In Marvel Comics’s Ms. Marvel the superhero fights with Muslim refugees in New Jersey against a racist [Pres. Trump]. DC Comics’s [gay] Green Arrow fights a racist, pro-capitalist mayor. New Yorker cartoonist Shannon Wheeler will produce a second issue of “Resist!”, issued by Top Shelf; the first print of 60000 copies was distributed free at the [Soros-organized] Womens March in Washington under the title “Shit My President Says”. (There is no indication who paid for the 60000 copies.) Fantagraphics in Seattle will issue “Economics in Wonderland” by [] Robert Reich.

In 2012, Black Mask Studios produced “Occupy Comics” to raise money for Occupy Wall Street. [Note: The New York Times does not point out the connection of most of these projects to Soros’s network of foundations.]