My Daughter, Your Daughter

Harvey Weinstein, who groped and raped perhaps hundreds of women, many of whom were very prominent in Hollywood, has fled the country. There is still an effort to protect Weinstein (the Forward of New York blamed the KKK for Weinstein’s sexcrimes, because David Duke, who was in the KKK 38 years ago, wrote an article reciting Weinstein’s crimes), continuing the tradition of laughing Weinstein’s crimes off. Hollywood joked about Weinstein’s sex abuse at Oscar ceremonies:

Video: Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, George Clooney all knew and all helped conceal the sexual abuse and pedophiles of Hollywood. Meryl Streep defends child rapist Roman Polanski. Michelle Obama thanks Weinstein as great humanitarian. It is not just male rapists, but female rapists of women. The Clintons fly around the world on the Lolita Express, (Jeff Epstein’s) child pedophile ring.: See:

So now, there is a new layer of coverup, with Ben Affleck being accused of groping at least two actresses in 2014: Hilairie Burton, and Annamarie Tendler. In explaining why Affleck is not being criticized in the mainstream media for his sexcrimes, Brietbart oberves: “Not only is two-time Oscar-winner Affleck one of the hottest directors around, he is Hollywood’s freakin’ BATMAN — he is the tentpole holding up a tentpole, the Warner Brothers’ Justice League franchise, and what is probably a $250-300 million investment that will hit thousands of screens in less than five weeks.” See:

I am not a big movie or TV watcher and I have never seen Ben Affleck being an actor, although I have heard his name. I have never heard of Hilairie Burton or Annamarie Tendler. However, for ever “name” attacked by these perverts, there are scores or hundreds of nameless women who were abused. Simply stated, these are our daughters and we must do whatever we can to protect them.

Boycott everything the perverts touch, like Batman. Need I observe that in the audience of the Batman movie that was attacked by that freak in Colorado there were little children, taken by their parents to a film filled with psychotic violence that no child should be exposed to.

Time to grow up.

Boycott. Fire them all.