Project Veritas–American Pravda, NYT Part III

I have added a brief summary of this excellent video.

(New York Times London Senior Staff Editor Desiree Shoe Becomes Famous.)

American Pravda, NYT Part III – Senior Homepage Editor Reveals Biased Political Agenda at NYT. Youtube, October 17, 2017.

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Undercover video obtained by Project Veritas shows New York Times London Senior Staff Editor Desiree Shoe revealing a biased political agenda in the operation of the so-called ‘paper of record.’ Shoe explains a difficulty in reporting about President Donald Trump objectively due to political bias. In one exchange, she says that journalists covered Trump in such a sensational way during the election season so as to deter readers from voting for him. Shoe also shares her negative opinion of Vice President Mike Pence, citing his religious views.





Summary: Desiree Shoe, senior staff editor in London, online editor who selects stories, curating the front page: “It’s hard to portray the President in an unbaised way”. Trump is apologetic to White supremacists. Trump is an “oblivious idiot”. Mike Pence is fucking horrible… extremely religious.. worse than Trump. The purpose of the intensive NYT coverage of Trump during the election was to get people to NOT vote against Trump. NYT is “supposed to be objective” but that is impossible with Trump. Shoe argues that Pence is unfit to hold office since he is religious. She describes “the Trump bump” which increased subscriptions arising from their attacks on Trump. (Nick Duduich, NYT Audience Strategy Editor, says the same thing.) The NYT is actually a “click chaser” but does not want to be branded as such. Shoe notes that subscribers want “liberal bias” and the NYT delivers what its subscribers want. She notes senior editors demand news with that bias. She notes that the NYT strategy was to portray Trump as “insanely crazy” and “how ludricrous his policies are” so that he would lose the election. At the New York Times, as in the mainstream media as a whole, objectivity takes a back seat to political agenda.