Censorship Engines: Twitter Employs ANTIFA As Censors

This report is very impressive. A detailed study of how Twitter executives are working with ANTIFA to censor Twitter accounts and content. The original report has a lot of screenshots:

TwittPocrisy: CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey follows ANTIFA ex-troll employee who condones Kelly Ellis

TwittPocrisy: CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey follows ANTIFA ex-troll employee who condones Kelly Ellis
Part 1: http://archive.is/sOZGQ
Part 2: https://archive.is/ygF9u

Now as you are all aware I have been publishing articles over the past few weeks, exposing the hypocrisy of the employees over at Twitter. Well I have unraveled yet another one over at the Wonderful Twitter. Here we have an actual “anon” account under the tag “euprax1a”. This person happens to be another Engineer over at Twitter and also a member of ANTIFA. But as we dig a bit deeper into their TL, we can clearly see someone extremely agitated that not enough “White Supremacists” have been banned from Twitter.

As you can see here they used the typical “ANTIFA” chant. [screenshots]

But what I really find fascinating about this one, is that apparently they at one point in time…before being “trans” was an internet shitposter, who trolled forums like 4chan. Now of course, they have taken the whole White Knight approach and really tried going edgy on this whole victimhood culture, but as you dig deeper into the TL of things you notice, that this person emails Jack on a daily basis and of course Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter follows them back.

This all falls back to my original stories, there have been Lead/Executives following accounts they know openly dox right-wing users, while at the same time violating their own ToS and private information policies. The reason for all of these articles is to point out the hypocrisy, if right-wing accounts were doing this on a daily basis…Twitter would be just a bunch of left-wing loonies in their Echo Chamber. The problem with this is that it continues to happen, while the CEO openly follows accounts that condone such actions against innocent citizens and those who openly speak with people who call for the death of the POTUS. Here are just a few interactions between Power and Kelly. [many screenshots]

Also, while on the topic of doxxing, here is a tweet from Unicorn Riot doxxing an individual on Twitter, the private information and tweet are still live. I thought this was against the policy of Twitter? So because this person is said to be a “white supermacist”, it is OK to dox them? [screenshot]

Update: Mike Cernovich as well was all over Kelly’s tweets back on Oct. 9th. Here is a screencap of his tweet. [screenshot of Kelly Ellis tweets wanting Trump to die as painfully as possible.]