New Soros Enemy List

The European Values think tank largely funded by George Soros has compiled an enemy list of people who appeared on Russia Today. Any enemy list of “useful idiots” that sandwiches Michael Flynn between Kshama Sawant and (Soros-funded creature) Pramila Jayapal is pretty amazing.

I think a lot of the weird problems with the list arise from the fact that outsourcing political intelligence and opposition research to save some money is always a bad idea.  You have to be a long way from DC to think Michael Morrell and Lindsey Graham are Russian stooges.

The entire file can be found here:

And here is some commentary by the Ron Paul Institute:

Washington Funds Foreign Think Tanks That Blacklist Opponents of Neocon Foreign Policy. Ron Paul Institute, October 20, 2017.

Dear Friends of the Ron Paul Institute: I just finished an interview on RT. Someday soon, perhaps, anyone writing the above sentence will land in some sort of gulag, as once did East Europeans found to have appeared on a foreign broadcast questioning the historical inevitability of the worldwide communist revolution.

In my case, I was asked to comment on a new report from a Czech “think tank” exposing 2,327 American “useful idiots” who dared appear on the Russian government-funded RT television network. >Among the “Kremlin stooges” listed in the report of the “European Values” think tank? Alongside critics of US foreign policy like Ron Paul, the Czech “European Values” think tank listed Sen. Lindsay Graham, Joe Lieberman, Dick Cheney, US Rep. Adam Schiff, former acting CIA director Michael Morrell, former CIA director Michael Hayden, and hundreds more prominent Americans who have been notably hostile to Russia and its government.

I said: “Wow! this conspiracy is even deeper than we thought! Even the virulently anti-Russian neocons and Russia-hating CIA bigwigs are in fact Putin’s poodles!”

It’s funny but it’s not. This is when the neo-McCarthyism lately in fashion across the ideological divide descends into the absurd. This is when the mask slips from the witch trials, when the naked emperor can no longer expect to not be noticed.

So what is the “European Values” think tank? A bunch of kooks? Well perhaps, but they are well-funded kooks. In fact they are funded by American taxpayers to defame other Americans who appear on media outlets that are out of favor with Washington’s elites. Among the top donors to the “European Values” think tank is the United States Embassy in Prague. Other top funders include George Soros’ “Open Society Foundation,” the European Commission, and the European Parliament. They are also funded by other US government funded think tanks such as the Prague-based “League of Human Rights.”

Since when did “European values” come to be defined as government-funded lists of political “enemies” who dare question US foreign policy on television networks despised by neocons and Washington interventionists? How ironic that such a Soviet-style attack on political dissent in the United States was launched from Prague, which for decades suffered under the Štátna bezpečnosť — the communist secret police — that took exactly the same view of those who deviated from the Soviet party line as does the modern Czech “European Values” think tank.

Anyone questioning our one trillion dollar global military empire is automatically considered to be in the pay of hostile foreign governments. How patriotic is that?

“I am not here to defend RT,” I said on the program tonight. I am here to defend the marketplace of ideas that is critical to a free society. I am here to defend the right of US citizens to dissent from the foreign policy of their government without being attacked by their own government — or by foreign think tanks funded by their government.

This should infuriate us: The US government defines anyone who dissents from its foreign policy of endless wars and a global military empire as peddlers of “Russian propaganda” and then Congress appropriates tens of million dollars to “counter Russian propaganda.”

That means the US Congress is appropriating tens of millions of our dollars to silence our objection to Washington’s trillion dollar global military empire. What a scam! How anti-American!  Is that not a declaration of war on the rest of us? Is that not an act of tyranny?

The noose is tightening around us. Yet we must continue to fight for what we believe in! We must continue to fight for the prosperity that comes from a peaceful foreign policy. Your generous support for the Ron Paul Institute helps us continue to be your voice in the fight for free expression and a peaceful foreign policy. […]

Sincerely yours, Daniel McAdams, Executive Director, Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.