Oct24: The Man Who Attacked Pres. Trump and the Network Behind Him

Summary: Ryan Clayton who threw Russian flags at Pres. Trump was a”Progressive Prankster” of Americans Take Action (ATA), a “Resistance” organization facilitated by the Soros-DNC Take Action network and supported by fundraiser ActBlue LLC, which finances the DNC and thousands of Democratic groups and candidates. ATA is one of a stable of Take Action front groups (like SaveDemocracy.org, December19.us, J20.us, New Blue United, and New Blue Team) that facilitate fundraising, and attempt to mobilize protests. Most of these groups are defunct, since if they do not click with people, they are discarded. Notably, a major Action Network working through Americans Against Trump, New Blue Team, SaveDemocracy.org, Jan20,us, and December19.us (and surely many others) worked to mobilize people for J20 at the Presidential Inauguration or was it Disrupt J20 that the Soros-DNC network was mobilizing for?

Every step pf Ryan Clayton’s attack on Pres. Trump was facilitated by the Soros-DNC networks, they even gave him the Russian flag(s) he threw: The only thing Clayton did was throw them.


Today (Tuesday, October 24) the unknown Ryan Clayton saundered past Pres. Trump’s secret service and threw Russian flags at him. Clayton is believed to be a member of the group Americans Take Action. [http://americanstakeaction.com/]: http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/protester-throws-russian-flags-president-donald-trump-ahead/story?id=50685030

Americans Take Action has three goals: (1) restore free elections, (2) create a purpose driven economy, (3) protest a free internet. After listing these purposes, no further reference to any of these “goals” ever appears again. The only real goal is Resistance. http://americanstakeaction.com/our-3-goals/

Americans Take Action is a “force multiplier”, but for what. There is no information on who or what Americans Take Action is. It links to SaveDemocracy.org http://americanstakeaction.com/about-us/

SaveDemocracy.org is a pseudo-grassroots organizing machine. They say: “#RESIST — EVERY DAY, EVERY INCH OF THE WAY — SAVE DEMOCRACY We represent the majority of Americans who do not support the Trump regime and his enablers in Congress. This is where we create resistance at the local level. Join us at local protests and Town Halls in 2017 to make your voice heard. Resist, every day and every inch of the way.” They do not say who they are. http://www.savedemocracy.org/#take-action [This page is identical to http://december19.us/ suggesting that December19.us is a phony group]

Action Network: So are partners in the Action Network? Several are Soros-linked:

National Education Association
Daily Kos
Womens March on Washington (total Soros)
United We Dream
New Economy Coalition
Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation
Get Equal. https://actionnetwork.org/partnerships

The Action Network is also more Soros (ambitious) than DNC in that it facilitates lobbying to “US, UK, Canada, Australia, or EU elected officials via fax, tweet, or other channels”. https://actionnetwork.org/partnerships

Action Network includes Americans Vs. Trump (which works with American Takes Action): “We are Americans Vs. Trump – the first people in the country doing the most to keep Donald Trump away from the Presidency or kick him out of the White House. Join the resistance against the worst President in American history.” The only place Americans Vs. Trump appears on the Internet is at Action Network: It is another phony group. https://actionnetwork.org/groups/americans-vs-trump-2

From Action Network, Americans Take Action links to a fundraising page that gives Russian flags to frequent donors AKA”Progressive Pranksters”. The page is operated by Act Blue LLC and Act Blue Civics. (Act Blue reports raising $1.863 billion since 2004 all for Democrats (e.g., DCCC, Al Franken, CREDO, Democracy for America): https://secure.actblue.com/; In 3Q2017: 3.178 million contributors gave $108 million through 5225 unique campaigns, committees and organziations: http://blog.actblue.com/2017/10/06/q3-2017-unprecedented-engagement-across-the-board/) — (ActBlue is also the official fundraising mechanism for the Democratic National Committee through ActBlue Express, e.g., Tom Perez. Press Release: Re: DACA and What’s Next. District of Columbia: Democratic National Committee (DNC), September 6, 2017.) As an aside, ActBlue (charity) with its ActBlue Civics (lobby) seems to parallel the Soros MoveOn.org (charity) and MoveOn.org Civic Action (lobby): Maybe they have the same attorneys. ACT BLUE: Americans Take Action Inc. Act Blue LLC: https://secure.actblue.com/contribute/page/progressivepranksters?refcode=membership&amount=27.00&recurring=120

Action Network: Americans Take Action also worked with New Blue United to launch a petition through Action Network to impeach Trump for Russian interference in the election (only 408 signatures, ever): https://actionnetwork.org/petitions/remove-president-donald-trump-impeachment –other than the petition, New United Blue exists only on Action Network and Facebook page with a lot of likes: 1,457,676 likes (look for yourself, it is very lowest common denominator stuff):https://www.facebook.com/newblueunited/

Action Network worked through Americans Against Trump (which has a Facebook page) and New Blue Team (which now seems to be defunct) to mobilize people for J20 at the Presidential Inauguration. The third “group” December19.us was only ever a website for the Action Network and is now defunct, as noted above. Jan20.us was used by Action Network to mobilize for J20. Jan20.us, another phony Action Network “group” is also defunct, its only presence on the Internet is this one page. (I am unaware of any other DNC-Soros mobilizations for J20: Is this the missing link between DNC-Soros and Disrupt J20?) — https://actionnetwork.org/events/presidential-inauguration-2016

Of course, this is just how they operate: Recall that the MoveOn.org press release What’s Next (DREAM Act) of October 21, 2017, noted that MoveOn.org Civic Action (Soros Foundations/Open Society Foundations) organized a coalition led by cheerleader Robert Reich that included: United We Dream, ACLU, Americans Voice, NextGen America, Daily Kos, Working Families Party, Progressive Congress Action Fund, UltraViolet, CREDO Action, National Korean American Service & Education Consortium, National Immigration Law Center, ParentsTogether Action, People for the American Way, Presente.