UK: London Metrosexual Police

From Anonymous London

Not surprising this latest bizarre behaviour by the police but what is amazing that these male police are prepared to participate in this farce. How can the public take them seriously and even more how demeaning It is for the nation. Is it any wonder that Britain is becoming a laughing stock of the world: Certainly Muslim terrorists know that British police kick off their heels and run away at the first sign of violence, leaving unarmed civilians to be slaughtered.

I have been told by ex-policemen that this has been an ongoing agenda for sometime due to the increased drive and recruitment in the British police force of homosexuals and lesbians which is at an all time high.  The result is we are seeing the increased feminisation of our police force due to the strong influence of the LGBT agendas at all levels of the police force.   Hence this cringing latest campaigns by the police force.

Police with painted nails receive backlash on social media campaign against modern slavery – Bristol Post

Police Don women’s high heel shoes to highlight domestic violence (but never honour violence by Muslims).