N4: A Vision of Failure From N3

As N4 approaches, it does not appear that the Maoist N4 revolution will be successful.

Fortunately, the advertisement in the New York Times solicits donations in the name of a Soros affiliate (Alliance for Global Justice) makes it pretty clear that Refuse Fascism is simply a tool of that ancient Oligarch: https://refusefascism.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/NYTimesAdlegal.pdf

It is a thoughtful moment of clarity.

Meanwhile there are no less that three sets of instructions for the Refuse Fascism protest in Seattle:

(1) Refuse Fascism: https://refusefascism.org/protests-and-events/

(2) It’s Going Down (a Berkeley ANTIFA website): It is calling for all Seattle activists to travel to Portland for a regional protest: Call for Anarchist Bloc: Defend Portland from Far-Right Threats on #Nov4 https://itsgoingdown.org/call-for-anarchist-bloc-defend-portland-far-right-threats-nov4/ ; interestingly, Puget Sound Anarchists issue an identical alert on the same day udner their own name: https://pugetsoundanarchists.org/call-for-an-anarchist-bloc-in-portland-on-n4/ ; and,

(3) Indivisible North Seattle, not based in Seattle but in an old folks (Boomers) home in Shoreline, north of Seattle: https://www.facebook.com/events/116801269011808/

In Salem, the state capital of Oregon, the local radical community actually disavows the Revolutionary Communist Party, which is the parent org of Refuse Fascism:

Disclaimer: some concern has been raised surrounding connections to the Revolutionary Communist Party. We want our supporters to know that the organizers of this action are in no way connected to RCP. We are using free and open materials provided on the refuse fascism website. After this action another rebranded campaign will be launched, and we will no longer be using the name “refuse fascism”. Thank you all for your support and thank you to those who have raised this concern.

In Austin, Texas, home of many anarcho-Maoist groups (like Red Guards Austin and the hapless Oh Shit Now What Collective ohshitwhatnow.org ) has been designated as a regional magnet protest and everyone who can is supposed to go there. But while one Refuse Fascism press release makes that statement (it includes a thank you note to the Washgington Post for being so supportive): Everyone Who Can Get To Austin On November 4th, Join Refuse Fascism In Standing Against The Trump/Pence Regime And Its Fascist Storm Troopers! Refuse Fascism, November 1, 2017: https://refusefascism.org/2017/11/02/everyone-who-can-get-to-austin-on-november-4th-join-refuse-fascism-in-standing-against-the-trumppence-regime-and-its-fascist-storm-troopers/

… their main website is unaware of that change in plans: https://refusefascism.org/protests-and-events/

Apparently, no planning meetings for N4 were ever even held in Detroit, Houston, and Tucson if the Refuse Fascism website is up to date: [Ibid.]

There is even a document that appears to be Sunsara Taylor’s explanation about why the planned N4 Refuse Fascism events will be a failure: N4 was betrayed by the Liberals: https://refusefascism.org/2017/11/02/everyone-who-can-get-to-austin-on-november-4th-join-refuse-fascism-in-standing-against-the-trumppence-regime-and-its-fascist-storm-troopers/

I do not think that George Soros will get his money’s worth from Refuse Fascism.


I append excepts the last three weeks of the Refuse Fascism twitter feed. It is interesting to note that in the same way as the Soros-affiliate CODEPINK pioneered the Vagina outfits that became so prominent at the Womens March on Washington, Refuse Fascism and its affiliate Stop Patriarchy have adopted the Handmaid costume (and Free Bleeding! see below) as a symbol of their desire for unlimited free abortion. (The New York Times highlighted the Handmaid meme in its arts section on November 3, too. Refuse Fascism even finds it necessary to thank the Washingon Post for being supportive.) It is amusing to note that it is a big announcement when Stop Patriarchy endorses Refuse Fascism’s N4 protests: of course, the two organizations are led by Sunsara Taylor, an RCP appartchnik, and the heir apparent to the aging and irrelevant Bob Avakian. (Revolution Club is another RCP front group.) The Twitterfeed ends with absurd chants they want everyone to learn and begins with the “genocide” by Trump in Puerto Rico, a subject they tire of after a few days. They even have the support of another splinter group from Pussy Riot, but who doesn’t have one these days. There are too many URLs to be hotted, but I did a few.


#NoFascistUSA‏@RefuseFascism: Here’s some chant ideas for ‪#Nov4ItBegins. Practice them and send us yours!: https://twitter.com/RefuseFascism/status/926149393002237952

The soldiers are gathering: https://twitter.com/GOPyahuknowme/status/926592814275813377

Check out Rapper/Producer/Activist ‪@AWKWORDrap taking the pledge for Nov 4!! ‪#Nov4ItBegins: https://twitter.com/RefuseFascism/status/926603632895778817

Actor Michael Shannon pledges support for Nov. 4. Join him & take the Trump/Pence Must Go pledge. ‪#Nov4ItBegins: https://twitter.com/RefuseFascism/status/923309078646050816

The amazing Austin Pendleton pledges support for November 4 protests: https://twitter.com/RefuseFascism/status/925815549497692166

Washington Post refutes “antifa apocalypse”covers REAL non-violent protests to drive out Trump & Pence ‪#Nov4ItBegins https://twitter.com/RefuseFascism/status/926453110570184704

Father Luis Barrios pledges to support ‪#Nov4ItBegins A moving testimony with an ending that will make you smile. https://twitter.com/RefuseFascism/status/925595295714545665

Afrobeat band ‪@Antibalas pledges support for ‪#Nov4ItBegins “The future of our country & the world depends on it”: https://twitter.com/RefuseFascism/status/926337735773884416

Sunsara Taylor: ‪#NoAbortionBan WOMEN ARE NOT INCUBATORS! Join the movement to drive the Trump/Pence Regime from power in the streets this Sat Nov 4: StopPatriarchy.org: https://twitter.com/SunsaraTaylor/status/925762473185153024

Larry Hamm of the ‪@peoplesorganiz1 says “Trump is the most dangerous person in the country today.”: https://twitter.com/RefuseFascism/status/925427680320860160

Thanks ‪@KyleSwenson for honest piece of ‪@RefuseFascism in today’s ‪@washingtonpost. Facts matter ‪https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2017/11/01/the-antifa-apocalypse-is-coming-this-weekend-if-you-believe-the-hype/: https://twitter.com/RefuseFascism/status/925749770207027201

[Tom Steyer demands impeachment of Trump]: The near total silence from powerful Dems to this is as deafening as their response 2 Bob Corker’s repeated warnings: https://twitter.com/RefuseFascism/status/925593671612944384

Russia controversy, Nazis marching, heartless attacks on undocumented disabled kids. https://twitter.com/RefuseFascism/status/925043179384115201

Indivisible WA2 [Seattle]: Rev Tom Carey says, “There is only one way to bring justice. Come with me November 4.” ‪@RefuseFascism ‪#Nov4ItBegins: https://twitter.com/indivisibleWA2/status/924719777955831808

Brown Berets call for high school walkouts in lead up to ‪#Nov4ItBegins “If you scared, remember why we are doing this.” ‪#TrumpPenceMustGO: https://twitter.com/RefuseFascism/status/924035769538359302

Stop Patriarchy [another RCP front group]: Oct 27: We just supported The Trump/Pence Regime Must Go. Join us on ‪@ThunderclapIt // ‪@RefuseFascism ‪http://thndr.me/VtQ7mL  ‪#nov4itbegins ‪#MeToo: https://twitter.com/StopPatriarchy/status/923963741967810560

What future 4 women? What future 4 the youth? This nightmare MUST end, ‪#Nov4itbegins ‪#HandmaidsTale ‪#BallardMarket Will YOU Refuse Fascism? https://twitter.com/Strong4Humanity/status/922240482620477441 [Note: New York Times, “The Boundaries of Servitude”, November 3, 2017, promotes the Handmaid’s Tale as the reality of the situation of women in English history for centuries: “If Margaret Atwood didn’t already exist, 2017 would have had to invent her.]

Linda Solotaire: I pledge support for Nov 4. Join me & take the ‪#TrumpPenceMustGo pledge. ‪https://tinyurl.com/y72c7mp4  ‪#Nov4ItBegins: https://twitter.com/LindaSolotaire/status/923375720948264960

Watch what these young women did on college campuses today, for the lives of women everywhere ‪#JusticeForJane [Free Bleeding rebellion, Handmaids]: https://twitter.com/RefuseFascism/status/923007882404048897 — [Sunsara Taylor]: FORCED MOTHERHOOD IS FEMALE ENSLAVEMENT. This Nightmare Must End: The Trump/Pence Regime Must Go! Join nonviolent protests. ‪#Nov4ItBegins ‪#JusticeForJane ‪@RefuseFascism: same video at: https://twitter.com/SunsaraTaylor/status/923003701551419392

[Handmaids]: When men in positions of power call women “sacred” ‪#JohnKelly: https://twitter.com/RefuseFascism/status/922804260449996801

John Kelly is a misogynist. He is NOt the sane one who will “save us”: [https://twitter.com/RefuseFascism/status/922804117973749760]: Washington Post: John Kelly said ‘women were sacred.’ That attitude perpetuates the military’s culture of misogyny: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/checkpoint/wp/2017/10/24/john-kelly-said-women-were-sacred-that-attitude-perpetuates-the-militarys-culture-of-misogyny/?utm_term=.e027c86905b0

[NYC Revolution Club, another RCP front group]: “Use your voice to say ‪#NO!” Maryna Yurevich from ‪@BFreeTheatre after last ‪#NYC performance of ‪#BurningDoors ‪@RefuseFascism ‪@LaMaMaETC ‪#nov4: https://twitter.com/NYCRevClub/status/922308942335823872

NYC Revolution Club: Thank you ‪@MariaAlyokhina of ‪@pussyrrriot 4 your solidarity message for ‪#Nov4ItBegins. We will be brave like you: https://twitter.com/RefuseFascism/status/922311972120682496

Trump is trying to silence the football players for doing something righteous. Speaking out against white supremacy and police violence. We say ‪#TakeAKnee ‪#Nov4ItBegins: https://twitter.com/SFRefuseFascism/status/922175908311474176

[Islamophobia]: Three great graphics from ‪@jaywwalker1. Facts on Trump Attacks on Muslims. Take a stand ‪#Nov4ItBegins: https://twitter.com/RefuseFascism/status/921250930456190976

Spread this: No Genocide in Puerto Rico. The Trump/Pence Regime Must Go. ‪#Nov4ItBegins: https://twitter.com/RefuseFascism/status/920138070309076994

Oct 13: Out front of Trump Tower. “Trump is guilty of genocidal neglect of the people of Puerto Rico”: https://twitter.com/RefuseFascism/status/918975522721484810