ANTIFA: Maoists Enslave Amazonian Indians For Cocaine Cultivation

Maoists enslave Amazonian Indians to cultivate coca for the traffick in cocaine, and as sex slaves. These facts are long known, even as a new breed of Maoist has emerged among the ANTIFA forces in North America. The Shining Path model is specifically embraced by the Red Guards-Austin, Red Guards-Los Angeles, and many other local Maoist militias. While they today and cowards who run at the sight of Patriots, for example the cringing Red Guards-Austin, their embrace of the example of the Shining Path means they embrace slavery and sex slavery. They just too weak today to enforce the full agenda.

Here is a report and a link to a very good article about the rescue of 54 Ashaninka Indians, women and children born in the Maoist rape camps, in Peru, from the Shining Path.


From Lima-32:

Ashininka sex slaves have been freed from the Peruvian Maoist death camps of the Shiniing Path, who also used them to process coca. 
Peruvian jungle rangers freed the rape survivors and their rape-babies, the products of systemic gang rape by Marxist insurgent slave-drivers. In Maoism this arrangement is part of building Base Areas from which to attack cities, and they of course are run as War Communism. The “party” has direct control of the means of production, in this case coca base, putting a new emphasis on the term “base areas.” The US group Freedom Road Socialist Organization-Fight Back (which controls the Students for a Democratic Society) has the franchise of narco-Marxist FARC in Colombia, now the Red Guards collectives in the US have the Shining Path franchise. I think the behavior we are seeing, including self-confessed rape, bizarre behavior, rhetorical incoherence, explosive violence, wild threats, apparent hallucinations, brandishing of weapons and so on might be signs of stimulant psychosis. I think, when Alex Jones called them meth heads, he had information from the feds or Austin PD or both, but is it meth? Or is it Amazonian Marching Powder? Mao’s Dandruff?
Shining Path are white and Mestizo leaders over Incan tribal slave soldier levies. They each of course bear ethno-imperial disdain for the “Stone Age” Amazonian Ashininka jungle-dwellers. FARC women are sex-slave-soldiers and are have forced abortions so they can stay on the front line.
Meanwhile white Maoists in the US denounce us for the supposed rape and genocide of our Indians, who are alive in unprecedented numbers thanks to the unprecedented humanity of the American government compared to anything Indians ever worked between themselves.
These Maoist clowns, in Austin, in Los Angeles, in Pittsburg, in Missouri, are sworn upholders of men who sex-traffic indigenous women in slave camps. They crave to institute the same system here