Trump, Iran and the JCPOA, and 2020

My comments about the US withdrawal from Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JPCOA) are conditioned by the following provisos:

(1) The JCPOA, an agreement between the United States and Iran, several other powers, and the United Nations, has never been been published in full. Much of it remained secret during talks, during the signing and afterwards. Incredibly, then Secretary of State John Kerry said he was not even allowed by the UN to see the full agreement. I have never heard that the full agreement has ever been published. I am not even sure that Pres. Trump has seen the full agreement, unredacted. We can be certain Pres. Obama did not bother to read it.

(2) The withdrawal of the United States from the agreement does not fully void the agreement, since other powers and the UN are also signatories, along with Iran.

(3) Trump always knows more about what is going on than we do.


Although I generally supported the JCPOA, and have long supported better relations with Iran, there is one detail about the JCPOA that is a big problem.

When the deal was completed by Hillary Clinton (yes, Her) and Iran a lot of money was transferred in cash, almost $2 billion. This money was part of the money owed to Iran by the United States for military equipment paid for before the Iranian Revolution (1979) and never delivered, converted back into cash, and almost 40 years interest. The total is tens of billions of dollars.

In an unprecedented agreement, the United States transferred pallets of $99,999,999 in foreign currencies to Iran from the Treasury Department, without any normal requirements and safeguards being met. (A transfer of $100 million in cash from the Department of the Treasury sets of alarms Hillary could not stop, so she had one dollar taken off each pallet.) Hillary Clinton and her drones over ruled every safeguard, and so the first batch was 18 of these pallets of $99,999, 999 each.

Does anyone on Earth think that all 18 pallets reached Iran? I am convinced, as were a number of Congressmen investigating this after the fact (Mike Pompeo was one), that some part of the money was diverted to Hillary Clinton and associates. It seems like the first question is, how many pallets did Hillary get? If it seems like a big bribe, remember that Iran was paying Hillary with money from the Treasury that it would not get otherwise, and had not seen in 40 years.

And whatever the full content of the JCPOA agreement, it is impossible to believe that the deal would have been made without a massive bribe to Hillary Clinton. After all, everything was for sale in the Clinton State Department.

But there is probably more.

That first $1.8 billion or so was only the down payment. Billions more would have to be shipped to Iran. I do not know how long the payments will be made but surely it is over a number of years to ensure Iranian compliance with the JCPOA.

And to ensure American compliance with the JCPOA.

And how exactly is American compliance with the JCPOA secured?

Pallets of $99,999,999 each delivered to you know who.

It is easy, from this, to assume that a few pallets were diverted into Hillary’s 2016 election campaign. It is easy to imagine that as long as the JCPOA binds the United States, the pallets will continue to be delivered to the Clinton war chest. A few of these pallets might decide the 2020 Presidential election.

The Founding Fathers warned about foreign entanglements, but could they even imagine a deal by a presidential candidate to secure the compliance of the United States to an agreement even the President cannot read unredacted, in return for a steady stream of bribes/campaign contributions of pallets of $99,999,999 each, that allow a foreign power to buy a presidential campaign.